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One might wish to construe this remote naming of ITALIA as an ephemeral state and nation propitiatory of today's celebration.
Okinawa, (9) but these propitiatory moves were offset by a number of
As a propitiatory offering, I attach below the relaxing sound track to one of my favorite movies, Hamam .
The native tribe that has gathered by the shore to await an expected British ship place propitiatory offerings of salmon by the entrance to her tent.
During the week, clients and followers come in large numbers to Gbediga's place to solve various health problems or other types of misfortune; his wives and children handle the rites to identify the causes and also perform the propitiatory rites that will soothe the client/patient.
As the PRIEST sees this, he makes a rush, hustles CRESPIN off, with wild exclamations, and then, disregarding him, makes propitiatory gestures, and mutters formulas of deprecation, to the stone.
On the contrary, they consider Cooper's violent ars erotica as propitiatory for the dismantling of the monolithic socio-cultural certainties around which human beings build their sexuality.
Furthermore, Jesus' bloody death on the cross was not a propitiatory sacrifice saving us from the wrath of an angry God and from sin, nor was it required that he die violently.
Recalling the black grandmother from whom Clamont had inherited the land and his continued observance of propitiatory vaudou rites in her honor (123-24), Mathurin accuses him of mulatto pretension, hypocrisy, and ignorance.
For Rau-Ru, Bond's exhibition and death serve as a final propitiatory sacrifice, expiating "what happened day before yesterday" during the election riots, both the "sweet talk and the promise" of "those on your [Amantha's] side," as well as the fact that "we got shot in the street .
Or, in the resounding words of the Council of Trent in 1562: "This sacrifice is truly propitiatory.