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is not a propitiatory sacrifice but a communal, liturgical celebration of Christ's death as the supreme instance of the divine "altruism" of the inner-trinitarian life--Jesus is its human face--that builds the church into Christ's evolutionary community.
The eucharist is both a sacrament and a sacrifice--a propitiatory sacrifice but also one of praise and thanksgiving.
As such, Tibetan Ritual inducts the reader into an alternative side of Tibetan Buddhism in its interactions with Bon, beyond its current public face of compassion and tantric soteriology, into the more fierce and ethically-edgy forms of apotropaic rituals-from rites to avert armies and cheat death to exorcisms and propitiatory sacrifice.
Usually, when such violations occurred, ritual sacrifices or propitiatory offerings (ichu aja, in Igbo) were made to ward off the evils that may result therein.
This is followed by an explanation of how each group of countries and their corresponding constellations undergo calamity when their presiding planets are occulted (and, conversely, how they prosper when each planet is favorably situated) and advises the undertaking of propitiatory rites in order to counteract these calamities.
of Southampton, Britain) offers a non-mathematical introduction to quantitative research methods in education, beginning with conceptual issues and designing quantitative research studies and progressing to data analysis using the propitiatory software package PASW Statistics/IBM SPSS.
The association between human and equid remains stays enigmatic, whether it represents a coincidental deposit or one corresponding to a deeper desire to make amends for the disturbance of the bones by a propitiatory action.
The other is the encounter proposed by one or more humans who work first to call up nominated Power(s) and then do more work either in propitiatory service of the summoned Power(s) or, otherwise, seek, through religious labour, to transform local states of affairs by causing Divinity to lend its presence and effect alterations that a human could not confidently accomplish without some Power's aid.
Mama Yaya taught me the prayers, the rites, and the propitiatory gestures.
His second task was to show that the Mass is not a propitiatory sacrifice.
John Foxe makes the axis of dispute particularly clear when he explains that the "Church of Rome" does not understand the meaning of the Crucifixion, "as may sensibly appeare by their doctrine and institutes, by their auricular confession and satisfaction for sinnes, by their dayly sacrifices, propitiatory Masses, trentals, and Purgatory, by merites of supererogation, inuocation of Saintes, the popes pardon, & dispensations.