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Clearly, propitious working conditions are not here the source of any creative direction or purpose.
But these unusually propitious conditions do allow raw talent to develop unhindered by the constraints of "accepted" standards.
The goal of achieving socialism has been shelved until more propitious times, but not abandoned, its pulse - however weak - being kept alive by the very existence of the Leninist Party.
In their zeal for "democracy," both the West and the pseudo-democrats in Algeria and elsewhere, have themselves become "fundamentalists" [integristes] of democracy because they demand the implementation of democracy at all costs, regardless of whether the conditions for its exercise are propitious (Mimouni, 152); they fail to understand that it was only in order to make people accept economic desocialization [liberalization] that Bendjedid and his cohorts threw democracy as a bone to the people (Boudjedra, 49).
"The stabilisation of the political and security situation in Tunisia has created a context propitious to tourist and professional travel to the country," he added in a statement to TAP.
The General Assembly commended the parties' commitment to continue to show political will and work in an atmosphere propitious for dialogue in order to enter, in good faith and without preconditions, into a more intensive phase of negotiations.
They will also offer investors a propitious business climate, and provide more job opportunities.
This convergence of two films on the same theme was propitious, and it ushered in a brave new era of didactic pictures such as Home of the Brave (racism in the armed services) and Boomerang!
Ironically, however, the end of the Cold War marks a "particularly propitious" moment for the Left, he argues.
DG Khana Farhang Iran, Rawalpindi Ali Aqhanouri thanked the chief guest and said being an art lover, her visit was proved propitious for the artists.
She added at the end of a meeting Monday between the Head of State and the centre's national office stemming from the Tunisian Industry, Trade and Handicrafts Confederation (UTICA), that the meeting had turned on the country's general economic situation notably the need to establish a climate that is propitious to development and job creation, the Presidency of the Republic reports in a press release.
AaAaAa Biadillah, Speaker of the House of Advisors, said that the Association will give fresh impetus to parliamentary actions since it offers a propitious framework for coordination and consultations.