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Almighty Deus, qui vis ut omnes homines and eternal God, who desires salvi fiant et ad agnitionem that all people be saved and veritatis veniant, concede come to the recognition of the propitius, ut plenitudine truth, propitiously grant gentium in Ecclesiam Tuam that, as the fullness of all intrante omnis Israel salvus nations enters your Church, fiat.
On the affordable side of the home furnishings spectrum, Raymour & Flanigan is continuing its plans to open a dozen new stores in the greater Metro area, propitiously taking some newly vacated big box spaces.
More than one director has shepherded the annual Mc-Cornack plays, but for about 20 years, it's been classroom teacher Karen Olsen, who propitiously majored in music in college before adjusting her career direction.
Propitiously, the Arab-Israeli War of 1973 served as surrogate laboratory of recent combat experience in the U.
time preferences propitiously change in the proper direction and to the precise extent called for in order to justify the rash acts of the central bank.
Finally, we anticipate that the privatisation processes and ownership structure in industries with different trade exposure will influence job creation and job destruction propitiously, as earlier studies suggest (Brown and Earle, 2002).
Propitiously for the advocates of the new legalism, the Charter was introduced at a time when postmodern thinking was extending its reach among the intelligentsia, including those in the legal academy.
This film is propitiously timed in that more than enough time has elapsed to allow a more objective analysis of Wunderlich's accomplishments; yet he is a recent enough figure that many of his colleagues and friends can still be called upon for comment.
Propitiously, however, another Peninsular-born literature of resistance, a fiction-based counter-rhetoric, has emerged on this front.
The problem for the poet, as I remarked earlier, is more one of maintaining a tactful balance between being be able to sympathize with another's common reality, and keeping the distance appropriate to the traveller, to the onlooker deciphering the news in the Italian papers, to the poet for whom these events have propitiously fallen to hand.
The trail was propitiously named Bromelia and we did see quite a variety of its namesake along the way.
QUITE PROPITIOUSLY, the University of Oklahoma and WLT have forged new and historic relations with Beijing Normal University (one of six Chinese universities with which OU has established official ties and academic exchanges), a collaboration this issue commemorates in part and without which our special section would not have been possible.