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IS operations were highlighted again this week when a video proporting the beheading of a s econd American journalist, Steven Sotloff, was released by the group Tuesday.
She phoned the company and spoke with a man with a distinctive Northern Irish accent - as well as what she thought was a phoney Scottish accent - proporting to be Eammon Kennedy.
Then on September 10 she received posted "receipts" from his bank terminal machine proporting to relate to full refund payments - also seen by us.
Susceptibility testing--Agar proportion method: In the United States and Europe, the agar proporting method of susceptibility testing of slow-growing mycobacteria was initiated in the 1960s to become the gold standard for all antimycobacterial-drug testing, except pyrazinamide (PZA), which can be determined by automation.
He cited the opinion of the Appellate Division, First Department, that held that language proporting to reduce the interest rate to the legal rate in the event of a finding of usury does not make the agreement non-usurious.
ROBERT AINGE, Anne Thompson and Jan Waterhouse have asked us to point that they were not the authors of a letter proporting to come from them regarding Coventry Airport, which was published in Yours Views on Thursday.