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Presgrave: "all loss which arise in consequence of extraordinary sacrifices made or expenses incurred for the preservation of the ship and cargo come within general average and must be borne proportionably by all who are interested.
In one in which the measures of government receive their impressions so immediately from the sense of the community as in ours it is proportionably essential.
There is something noble and magnificent in the perspective of a great Federal Republic, closely linked in the pursuit of a common interest, tranquil and prosperous at home, respectable abroad; but there is something proportionably diminutive and contemptible in the prospect of a number of petty states, with the appearance only of union, jarring, jealous and perverse, without any determined direction, fluctuating and unhappy at home, weak and insignificant by their dissensions, in the eyes of other nations.
and so it works proportionably according to the necessity of nature, as an excellent instrument appointed by Gods providence for the health of mankinde'.