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The proportional pressure control mode was compared to the constant differential pressure control mode.
The NDC's State Building Working Group endorsed a proportional system in July for the upcoming elections.
When students solve contextual problems in their own ways, they are forced to make sense of the proportional relationship involved, and often the context helps cue students into it.
A variety of proportional reasoning problem types are identified in the literature.
Currently under Japan's electoral system, 300 of the lower house's 480 seats are allotted to nationwide single-seat constituencies and 180 through proportional representation in 11 regional blocks.
Although no consensus was achieved on this proposal, it made progress because all blocs now accept proportional representation but do not agree on the number [of MPs to be elected based on it]," Berri was quoted as saying.
The Cabinet is still debating a draft electoral law based on proportional representation.
The Lebanese consensual democracy may not become complete without adopting proportional representation that the Lebanese could agree upon, provided that its concepts and frameworks are well defined," he added.
If we are to have electoral reform it must be to a proportional system.
The Lib Dems think proportional representation is more democratic, but don't think that a referendum on any EU issue is democratic.
That is, many people (children and adults) struggle with proportional reasoning.
Summary: A Muslim forum on Saturday demanded representation in parliament proportional to their community's population.