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When comparing the proportional mortality from external causes in both groups, it is possible to note that it was greater (almost double) in the general population (10% in the SDA population and 19% in the general population).
The proportional mortality of MVA and suicide was significantly higher among white males compared to the other race-gender groups.
2003 Italy Smelter workers 100 Proportional mortality study Alexieva et al.
When analyzed in proportion, people aged 60 and over the city of Sao Caetano do Sul had the highest proportional mortality compared to other analysis units.
The mortality pattern and proportional mortality rate are shown in table 2.
CDAD proportional mortality and case fatality rate trends are statistically significant over the past 10 years (F 34, P-value 0.
31 during 1999-2008, and the proportional mortality rate due to snake bite remained between 1.
perseae life stages (eggs, early first instars, and early second instars), proportional mortality inflicted on the life stages was compared with Fisher's exact test.
2001 for example), in which proportional mortality due to predation decreases with increasing density (type-2 response) or increases initially with increasing density, reaches a zenith, and then decreases with increasing density (type-3 response) (Fig.

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