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There are 240 direct seats and 335 proportionate seats.
All net proceeds combined with any net proceeds from the underwriters' exercise of their option, will be used to repay outstanding debt under the company's senior secured credit facility and partly finance its proportionate share of the construction cost of Battleground Oil Specialty Terminal Company LLC, its joint venture with Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP.
possessions; the total amount of foreign taxes paid; the date, form and contents of the notice to shareholders; and the proportionate share of this income received and those taxes paid during the tax year attributable to one share of its stock.
Certainly policies on welfare, national security, the war in Iraq, Social Security or taxes, taken singly or in combination, do not provide a proportionate reason to vote for a pro-abortion candidate.
Some don't believe that method is the best and prefer proportionate consolidation--if you own 40% of a company, you should be picking up 40% of those assets and liabilities.
Rappaport said the formula for determining their share of the real estate taxes to which the abatement will apply is the proportionate percentage of their shares to the total number of shares outstanding in the cooperative.
On their 2001 joint return, they deducted their proportionate share ($10,489) of the housing corporation's real estate taxes from their adjusted gross income.
3) the person must be free of all attachment to sin, venial as well as mortal; if this condition is lacking the indulgence will be a partial one; and, though the Enchiridion does not say so, we suppose that the amount of punishment remitted will be proportionate to the degree of freedom from attachment.
The new law implements a system of proportionate liability in which peripheral defendants pay only their "fair share" of a judgment.
1298(a) (3) attributes PFIC stock through proportionate ownership of partnerships; an indirect ownership of a PFIC through a partnership generally does not insulate U.