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The process of issuing Penalty Charge Notices is used proportionately and appropriately to encourage legal and safe behaviour by all road users when visiting our city.
3) 65 percent shall be proportionately and distributed to accredited political parties in the House of Representatives based on the number of seats obtained in the most recent general elections.
- Proportionately consolidated operating EBITDA margin of 5%-8% for 2018 and 2019
The Government's ability to hire the right people for this sort of work seems proportionately small too.
In all Democratic primaries, convention delegates are awarded proportionately. That means Clinton can lose in a state and still come away with nearly as many delegates as Sanders - Michigan awarded 58 delegates to Clinton and 65 to Sanders.
The Qatar Exchange yesterday said any stock exceeding the 15% weight in the index as of market close on March 31 will have its weight capped at 15% with the excess allocated to remaining stocks proportionately. By Santhosh V Perumal/Business Reporter The Qatar Exchange has said there will be no changes to the companies represented in the QE and Al Rayan Islamic indices, effective from April 1, even as Ahlibank has not qualified to be included in the All Share Index.
The teacher work load has been reduced and this is why teachers began receiving salaries proportionately to the scope of their work, Education Minister Kanat Sadykov said at the parliamentary hearings on draft of budget for 2013 on November 26.
The US company said that the price for the acquired stake is proportionately the same as the one paid in April 2011, when it bought its initial interest of 90.023% in AS Silmet for USD89m (EUR64.2m).
Some argue that it is immoral for such people to enjoy the benefits of our public services and infrastructure, yet pay proportionately less in tax than many people in low wage jobs.
A closer look at the results shows that a proportionately higher percentage of males (58%) and the respondents belonging to the young age group (50%) had watched the cricket matches between Pakistan and West Indies as compared to females (32%) and older respondents (43%).
LONGUEUIL, Quebec -- Possibly because of the wide coverage embodied in the Quebec government's drug plan, residents of the province are prescribed proportionately many more scripts than their counterparts elsewhere in Canada, and the rate of growth of these scripts is also higher.