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For instance, he says, some chimps have hypoglossal canals that are proportionately three times as large as those of some modern humans, although only the people speak their minds.
For starters, it traverses more populated areas in Los Angeles County and the Central Valley, which have proportionately greater need for transportation.
As a result of the reverse split, the conversion ratio of our Series A-2 preferred stock will be proportionately adjusted, which will decrease the number of shares of common stock issuable upon conversion of each share of Series A-2 preferred stock from approximately 90.
As the population increases, we will increase our services proportionately.
Proportionately, the Interior Department's National Biological Service took one of the biggest hits; its $14.
Higher consumption of data services is also reflected in proportionately higher propensity to download ringtones and games.
They also drew proportionately larger grids on sheets of white butcher paper and then used tempera paint to create the replicas.
Because animals tend selectively to retain nitrogen-15 over nitrogen-14, predators that feed on older, larger prey--those at the top of the food chain--will accumulate proportionately more nitrogen-15.
On the termination date, the remaining portfolio holdings of the Fund will be sold and the proceeds distributed proportionately to any unitholders who have not switched out or redeemed their units on that date.
Proportionately more citizen complaints are filed against minority police officers than white cops in San Jose, according to a study by the city's independent police auditor.
However, individuals with the variant gene shunted proportionately more of their stored lead into the spongier trabecular bone (of kneecaps and vertebrae, for instance) than did those with the normal gene.
Both corn-oil-based diets contained proportionately about half the saturated fat of the baseline diet.