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This high-pressure proportioner is specifically designed to dispense higher viscosity filled and abrasive materials, polyurea, polyurethane, elastomers, SRIM, and other RIM systems.
IAED also introduced the Reactor E-XP plural component proportioner and Fusion spray gun.
Graco created a proportioner with a compact and functional design with a smooth, consistent electric pump that keeps pressures within 50 psi.
a supplier of plural-component proportioning equipment for spraying polyurethane foam and elastomeric coatings, has introduced the HV-20/35 hydraulic vertical-driven, high-pressure proportioner (metering unit).
The HV-20/35 hydraulic vertical driven high pressure proportioner (metering unit) is designed specifically for polyurethane foam and polyurea coating applications.
The wall-mounted CIMCOOL Mix Station is a venturi-type proportioner that has the advantage of having two mixing selections, one for charging a machine sump and one for adding makeup.
The modern rabbitry is likely to have not only sanitary wire-floored cages for each mature animal, automatic watering (probably with a medication proportioner hooked in), and time-controlled, scientifically planned lighting, but even heating and air conditioning