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"Some of the hazards are less obvious and to mitigate them requires a proactive approach and working with Pond to test the proportioners of our fire suppression system is an excellent example of our forward thinking safety strategy."
This high-pressure proportioner utilizes super-charged, high-pressure axial piston pumps for processing unfilled, nonabrasive, noncorrosive materials.
Speed brakes and fuel flow proportioner were inoperative without system A hydraulics, thereby confirming complete system failure.
Drake Willock was the first hemodialysis equipment manufacturer to introduce a hemodialysis machine with a bicarb proportioner. This was a real technical breakthrough.
The proportioner handles flow rates as low as 20 cc/min with a wide range of ratios, and features an intrinsically safe control that allows integration into hazardous environments.
IAED also introduced the Reactor E-XP plural component proportioner and Fusion spray gun.
Graco recently introduced the Reactor[TM] E-XP, said to be the first polyurea-dedicated proportioner. Built-in diagnostics provide ratio assurance, easing operator use, and its lightweight design gives unprecedented job site mobility.
Gusmer Corp., a supplier of plural-component proportioning equipment for spraying polyurethane foam and elastomeric coatings, has introduced the HV-20/35 hydraulic vertical-driven, high-pressure proportioner (metering unit).