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Applicants should propose projects that address clinical issues or needs in a specific cancer or a closely related set of cancers or in a group of patients whose cancers have related molecular alterations.
Applicants may propose to obtain tissues from a previous collection or prospectively, as long as the specific alms proposed can be accomplished within the period of the grant award.
The Commission proposes to reposition certain supplementary schedule information currently required under Rule 12-09 of Regulation S-X within a new Item 302(c) of Regulation S-K.
That is, an agent can examine multiple years of a taxpayer's return, decline to make any adjustments, permit the statute of limitations to expire, and then propose massive, retroactive adjustments under the purported authority of a [sections] 481(a) adjustment.
302); now, the administration proposes to move $334 million from FY '87 into FY '88, retroactively reducing the '87 figure.
Proposes to eliminate requirements for small business specialists to review proposed acquisitions that are (1) within the scope and under the terms of the existing contract; or (2) under $100,000 and totally set aside for small business concerns.
25) The leasing, credit-related insurance, and community development activities that BB&T proposes to engage in are permissible for bank holding companies under Regulation Y.
Where specific abuses are identified, the Department analyzes the situation and, where appropriate, proposes amendments to the Act to curtail the abuses.