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PROPOSAL. An offer for consideration or acceptance.
     2. It is a general rule that a proposal offered to another for acceptance may be withdrawn at any time before it is accepted, provided that notice of the withdrawal be given to the party to whom it was made. A bid (q.v.) may be withdrawn at any time before acceptance; and a proposal by letter may be withdrawn at any time before, acceptance 1 Pick. 278; and, if accepted, it must be, in the very terms offered. 3 Wheat. 225. Vide Bid; Correspondence; Letter; Offer.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Applicants should propose projects that address clinical issues or needs in a specific cancer or a closely related set of cancers or in a group of patients whose cancers have related molecular alterations.
Applicants may propose to obtain tissues from a previous collection or prospectively, as long as the specific alms proposed can be accomplished within the period of the grant award.
In order to address the potential anticompetitive effects of the proposal in the Salt Lake banking market, First Security proposes to divest 17 branches in the market, with $682 million in deposits (representing 8.4 percent of market deposits), to an out-of-market banking organization or an in-market banking organization that currently controls less than 6 percent of market deposits.
Although funding for Space Station Freedom would rise 8 percent, to $2.25 billion, the President proposes to kill a mission to fly past a comet as well as efforts to develop an advanced rocket motor for launching heavier space shuttle payloads.
The FY '87 budget had been $6.18 billion (SN: 11/8/86, p.302); now, the administration proposes to move $334 million from FY '87 into FY '88, retroactively reducing the '87 figure.
(25.) B&T proposes to acquire First Virginia Life Insurance Company and First General Leasing Company, both in Falls Church, and the following community-welfare limited partnership interests: 28.3 percent in Northampton Partners L.P.; 23.8 percent in Monticello Vista Associates L.P.; 33.6 percent in Linweaver L.P.; 9.7 percent in Housing Equity Fund of Virginia II L.P.; and 11.7 percent in Housing Equity Fund of Virginia III L.P.
Proposes to add a DFARS clause on patent rights under contracts awarded to large business concerns for experimental, developmental, or research work.
Proposes to eliminate requirements for small business specialists to review proposed acquisitions that are (1) within the scope and under the terms of the existing contract; or (2) under $100,000 and totally set aside for small business concerns.
On April 8, 2003, the TEC submitted comments (prepared by the IRS Practice and Procedures Committee, chaired by Jim Dougherty) to the IRS on proposed regulations that would limit the defenses available to taxpayers when the IRS proposes accuracy-related penalties in certain cases.
In the case of foreign branch separate units, TEI proposes that a safe harbor apply to foreign branches of U.S.
Where specific abuses are identified, the Department analyzes the situation and, where appropriate, proposes amendments to the Act to curtail the abuses.
The Administration proposes to modify section 1203 by (i) removing the late filing of refund returns from the list of violations; (ii) removing employee vs.