proposed action

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The FONSI documents that implementation of the Proposed Action will not have a significant impact on any of the resources evaluated or contained in the EA.
PENSION savers using the new retirement freedoms would be able to access their pot without being forced to pay for advice under a new proposed action plan set out by insurers to help people make the most of the flexibilities.
The proposed action would halt potential fossil fuel exploration of the refuge's coastal plain--a long-time bone of contention between conservationists and energy exploration advocates.
The Department of the Navy, after carefully weighing the strategic, operational, and environmental consequences of the proposed action, has decided to base the F-35C aircraft at Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore, California.
He added: This proposed action is not inconsistent with the Constitution and I have already made this opinion previously and I repeat it today.
Dublin City Business Improvement District (BID), which represents 2,500 firms, voiced concerns over a proposed action at St Patrick's weekend.
The meeting was the first of four events at which people can ask questions about the proposed action plan on three themes: Forming a Welsh Food and Drinks Federation to offer leadership to the sector (something like the Dairy Task Force or Retail Forum); developing a new identity for Welsh food and drink that will support trade and market development, and, focusing on training and up-skilling throughout the food chain.
The Committee discussed its proposed action plan for the current sitting, including topics to be studied, notably violation and abuses of some archaeological and historical sites in the country and the messages sent by broadcast media (TV and Radio) in the Sultanate.
The proposed action plan also has a commitment to removing or reduce use of pesticides and inorganic fertiliser in a future Glastir scheme.
The report identifies and evaluates alternatives and presents a proposed action for restoring natural floodplain functions such as fish and wildlife habitat, groundwater recharge, flood storage, and sediment and erosion processes in the lower Coast and Middle Forks of the Willamette River.
The meeting also discussed the programmes implemented within the framework of the stages for conducting the third and fourth reports of the Child Rights Convention and the proposed action plan for the remaining stages of the report.
Yes, we might be told how many tonnes of carbon emission such and such a change will save, but that tells most people almost nothing about whether the proposed action will have any real impact on climate change.