proposed measure

See: motion
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Under the proposed measure, subsequent village polls should be held on the second Monday of October 2021 and every three years thereafter.
The Senator has a proposed measure under Senate Bill No.
The proposed measure seeks to establish a legal framework for the use of non-traditional collateral, such as accounts receivables, inventory, crops, livestock, equipment, in applying for loans in financial institutions.
A proposed measure in Washington would prohibit the state's marijuana businesses from using the digital currency bitcoin.
In Santa Monica, even voters concerned about over-development agreed that the proposed Measure LV would go way too far by forcing voter approval for all buildings of more than two stories.
The petition secured more than 25,000 signatures, forcing the city to either adopt an ordinance with lesser restrictions or put the proposed measure to a vote.
However, last week both the Senate and the House announced the new December 16 deadline for the passage of the proposed measure, citing the need to prioritize the 2016 General Appropriations Act.
The proposed measure states that British nurseries and early years childcare providers, along with schools and universities, have a duty "to prevent people being drawn into terrorism.
Under the proposed measure, servicemembers would also be able to terminate a lease early and without penalty when base housing becomes available.
The Assembly's Business Committee agreed a timetable for consideration of each proposed Measure as follows: Stage 1 for the consideration of general principles by one of the five Assembly legislation committees, including taking external evidence and presenting a report, before a full debate in the Assembly on the general principles: Stage 2 was a detailed consideration YOUR VIEW of amendments by a legislation committee leading to further vigorous debate in Assembly full session on amendments at Stage 3, with a motion to pass the measure at a further Stage 4.
The proposed measure will also give Welsh ministers enhanced regulatory and intervention powers.
The Proposed Measure deals with this by setting a minimum financial size threshold, below which an organisation would not be bound by a requirement to provide services in Welsh.

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