proposed measure

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The proposed measure states that British nurseries and early years childcare providers, along with schools and universities, have a duty "to prevent people being drawn into terrorism.
The TASE Board of Directors discussed this issue at its meeting last Thursday and announced that it favors the proposed measure.
Under the proposed measure, servicemembers would also be able to terminate a lease early and without penalty when base housing becomes available.
There was less than 10 minutes of debate on the proposed measure.
The Assembly's Business Committee agreed a timetable for consideration of each proposed Measure as follows: Stage 1 for the consideration of general principles by one of the five Assembly legislation committees, including taking external evidence and presenting a report, before a full debate in the Assembly on the general principles: Stage 2 was a detailed consideration YOUR VIEW of amendments by a legislation committee leading to further vigorous debate in Assembly full session on amendments at Stage 3, with a motion to pass the measure at a further Stage 4.
The proposed measure will also give Welsh ministers enhanced regulatory and intervention powers.
The evidence my committee colleagues and I received from the commercial sector demonstrated the likelihood of significant funding to meet the requirements of the proposed measure, but the poor detail businesses have to go on makes it difficult to establish a true cost.
The proposed Measure, published on Thursday, details how the Assembly Government plans to meet three One Wales commitments to confirm official status for Welsh, create rights in the provision of services and establish the post of Language Commissioner.
Hargrove made his remarks in opposition to a proposed measure that would apologize on the state's behalf to the descendants of slaves.
Community activists were troubled that the proposed measure was written by the Sutton Law Firm, which has represented lobbyists before the Ethics Commission.
The paper reported that under the proposed measure, NEVs would be limited to a top speed of 25 miles per hour (mph) and would only be allowed to travel on roadways with a posted speed limit of 35 mph.
Curious as it might seem to many conservatives, a proposed measure can provoke militant opposition from the radical left and still be a bad idea.

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