proposed regulation

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The proposed regulation requires the building owner to sit with the contractor and develop a "work plan" designed to minimize air contaminates.
On March 11, 1992, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published proposed regulations implementing the law.
1) The New Regulations improve upon 2003 proposed regulations (the "Proposed Regulations") that attracted serious criticism from the business community.
The proposed regulation would extend the nonrecognition treatment to additional transactions, thereby further liberalizing the tax-free nature of section 1032.
Pending the promulgation of final regulations, the Treasury Department and IRS will treat positions consistent with the 2006 proposed regulations to be reasonable constructions of section 987.
Taken together, Notice 2005-43, which contains a proposed revenue procedure, and the proposed regulations aim to provide the same level of clarity for partnerships and LLCs already found in corporate tax law related to the issuance of equity to service providers.
NCSCI can provide full-text copies of proposed regulations and will transmit comments to appropriate foreign ministries.
In addition they should not attempt to apply temporary regulations after proposed regulations are issued where the proposed regulations are different.
Although the EPA acknowledged Wednesday that the proposed regulations would push dozens of regions that already fail to meet federal clean-air goals further away from compliance, agency officials said public health is at stake.
In August 1987, the DOL proposed regulations that addressed these conditions.

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