proposed regulation

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The proposed regulations are intended to address "indoor air quality in indoor work environments" and also attempt to control "environmental tobacco smoke" (ETS).
Originally, draft proposed regulations would have required each physician in the group to devote more than 50 percent of his or her practice to the group.
Benefits attributable to mere "passive association" as a member of a controlled group will, as first articulated in the Proposed Regulations, not constitute a service.
Under the proposed regulation, no gain or loss would be recognized when a corporation (the transferor) receives property in exchange for stock, or options to acquire stock, it obtained from another corporation (the issuer) in a nontaxable transaction.
Under the proposed regulations, this five-year period would begin on the first day of the employee's tax year for which the employee first made designated Roth contributions to the plan and end at the completion of five consecutive tax years.
Both Section 987 and the 1991 proposed regulations require the taxable income or loss of a Section 987 QBU be computed in its functional currency and then translated at the average exchange rate (generally, an average of the daily exchange rates) into the functional currency of its owner.
Significantly, Notice 2005-43 and the proposed regulations eliminate the different tax treatments for the issuance of profits and capital interests.
private and public organizations have registered for the service, and more than 1000 requests for copies of the full text of proposed regulations have been received by NCSCI staff.
But many industry leaders, who have protested the EPA's new proposed regulations, disputed the agency statements that stiffening federal standards would diminish the health risks linked to pollution.
On March 13, 1991, the DOL issued new proposed regulations.
The proposed regulations ignore these differences and take a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to rate regulation.
The proposed regulations follow those suggestions and, once effective, will provide welcome simplification.

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