proposed statute

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The fine imposed under the proposed statute is as follows: a) Public Utility Bus - P1,000,000.
I pledge to do everything in my power as chancellor to develop a set of campus policies and procedures to guide the ways in which this proposed statute is used.
The proposed statute will greatly facilitate and streamline government transactions and promote a progressive society as envisioned through an efficient delivery of basic services," the authors stressed.
The campaign had gathered around 50,000 signatures, Stanford said, well shy of the 116,000 required for its proposed constitutional amendment and 87,000 for a proposed statute.
discuss a proposed statute that would prohibit enforcement of publicity
At first, I became absorbed in the complexity of the language and the provisions of the proposed statute.
The transparency provided by the proposed statute no doubt strikes a chord with the public.
Taipei, March 2, 2010 (CENS)--To support the proposed Statute for Industrial Innovation, the Industrial Development Bureau plans to revise the said Statute to subsidize SMEs who employ especially aging workers.
This section explains how the issues identified in the criticism are actually improved by the proposed statute as applied to the armed forces.
As to basic questions, the proposed statute addresses the kinds of judgments to which recognition and enforcement shall be given, defenses that justify a refusal to recognize or enforce foreign judgments, and the jurisdictional bases under foreign law that support recognition and enforcement.
That the defendants [the Crown] have breached their fiduciary obligations and duties to protect the rights and privileges of the plaintiffs and not to engage in improper or coercive acts against them," and "That in future, the defendants, when enacting statutes with respect to First Nations people, must act within the honor of the Crown and its fiduciary duties by conducting meaningful consultations with full disclosure to the leadership of the First Nations of Canada in advance of introducing a proposed statute.