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This meant that the proposed statute was already ripe for discussion at the bicameral conference committee stage, wherein lawmakers from both chambers will have to agree on the provisions of the measure.
Grace's mother, Christine McComas, has urged legislators to pass the proposed statute, dubbed Grace's Law 2.0 by its sponsors.
Panelo, in a statement, said initial and unofficial tally of votes in the BOL plebiscite validated a Social Weather Station (SWS) survey result, which showed that majority of Muslims nationwide support the ratification of the proposed statute.
By GEORGE OMONDIThe State has proposed through a bill for Lands secretary Farida Karoney to issue land leases for private land, setting stage for the turf wars with the Swazuri-led commission that have dogged the ministry since the 2010 Constitution took effect.The review of the Land Act through the proposed Statute Law (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill will empower the land secretary to issue private leases, relegating the National Land Commission (NLC) to just registering the approved documents.
The government - through a proposed Statute Law (Miscellaneous) Ammendment Bill 2018 - has given exclusive powers to the Labour CS to appoint five people outside the government to the board of trustees.
It also would proscribe storage fees for any day during which the vehicle could not be reclaimed under procedures set forth in the proposed statute.
FAMILIES of victims and survivors of Troubles atrocities protested yesterday against a proposed statute of limitations for killings in the conflict.
The proposed statute would apply to any patient who receives medical care provided via a federal program, such as Medicare or Medicaid, or via a subsidy or tax benefit, such as coverage purchased under the Affordable Care Act or its proposed replacement.
According to Barnett, this is what he calls "double deference." The judge defers to the legislative branch, and the legislator does not worry about a proposed statute's constitutionality because the courts will decide that.
The proposed statute is entitled "An Act providing for the manner and date of election of Sectoral Representatives to the Local Sanggunians."
I pledge to do everything in my power as chancellor to develop a set of campus policies and procedures to guide the ways in which this proposed statute is used.