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The Successful Proposer Is Responsible To Ensure That The
They contended that Rule 12(2) of the Rules does not restrict the proposer or the seconder to the same ward from where elections were being held for the seat of general member.
After they saw the threat, the proposers were asked to state their offer.
Neither chimps nor kids were trained that refusal was an option, but the mere threat of a partner's retaliation motivated proposers to share equally, Proctor proposes.
For this purpose, the Company will accept a written statement from the registered holder of the shares verifying the number of shares the proposer and each of the supporting shareholders, if applicable, beneficially owns and the date such shares were acquired.
The Proposer shall demonstrate staffing experience to
Meanwhile, there was rumour that Chhannulal Mishra, the Hindustani classical singer from the city, had also agreed to become Modi's proposer.
Whosoever has self-respect will never like to become a proposer of Narendra Modi candidature," Tyagi said.
SC in its decision said petitioner to not waste the time of court, he was declared ineligible from participating in polls due to unavailability of his proposer and seconder.
Look for The Proposer in restaurants, quiet neighborhoods, at parties -- even on city streets wherever the deed goes down.
Machiguenga proposers displayed a greater streak of self-interest than any college student had in previous laboratory studies (SN: 3/28/98, p.
The Speaker shall in the presence of the candidates or their proposers and seconders who wish to be present, scrutinise the nomination papers at 3.