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Proposes to lower the approval level for subcontracting plans that contain a small disadvantaged business goal of less than 5 percent, from two levels above the contracting officer to one level above the contracting officer.
B&T proposes to acquire First Virginia Life Insurance Company and First General Leasing Company, both in Falls Church, and the following community-welfare limited partnership interests: 28.
302); now, the administration proposes to move $334 million from FY '87 into FY '88, retroactively reducing the '87 figure.
The nomination committee proposes that Anders Boos, Chairman of the Board, is appointed Chairman of the Annual General Meeting.
3) The schedule of information that the Commission proposes to be disclosed, in terms of detail, scope, and effect -- and the confidential thought processes it reflects -- is very much akin to the information contained in independent accountants' tax accrual workpapers, which were the focus of the Supreme Court's decision in United States v.
The Election Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2005 proposes the following:
Given the uncertainty surrounding foreign governments' acceptance of the regulations and the granting of correlative relief, TEI proposes that a rebuttable presumption be established that a transaction is at arm's length where related foreign parties repatriate at least 50 percent of operating income through royalties and management fees.
The Board proposes to be authorized to disapply the shareholders' pre-emptive rights to the Company's shares.
The Nominating Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting 2001 proposes the following:
Item 9: The Board of Directors proposes that SEK 25,000,000 be allocated to the statutory reserve, that a dividend be paid to the shareholders in the amount of SEK 1.
Governor Davis' budget proposes improvements to the Barstow and Yountville campuses to ensure that resident veterans receive top-notch nursing and medical care and that each resident's quality of life is enhanced by plentiful recreational and rehabilitative activities.
Furthermore, the Board proposes that the Articles of Association be amended so that the Company has only one ordinary auditor, which is an audit firm approved of by the Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce and the term of which is the fiscal year.