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PROPOSITION. An offer to do something. Until it has been accepted, a proposition may be withdrawn by the party who makes it; and to be binding, the acceptance must be in the same terms, without any variation. Vide Acceptance; Offer; To retract; and 1 L. R. 190; 4 L. R. 80.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This being so, one cannot say that what is at stake is a decentring of propositional thought or representation.
We represent the ethical theory A in terms of propositional variables h, t and s where :
Recent epistemology has focused almost exclusively on propositional knowledge.
The fifth chapter builds on the previous chapters to argue that propositional orthodoxy is not merely insufficient but warrants revision to Sedmak's proposed relational version of orthodoxy.
However, calling the system with an option--instantiate produces propositional (ground) program for the given input and exits the computation without accessing the solving procedure of the system.
It is tempting to think that the bearer of truth is the sentence, or propositional sign, in which the two names are united by relation R.
One approach is to steer clear of the problem and define America as a "propositional nation," as John Courtney Murray contended.
Swinburne writes that there are two kinds of conscious propositional events: thoughts and intentions, and two main kinds of propositional events which are continuing mental states: beliefs and desires.
It will also introduce a propositional exhibit, a future environmental island, 'Green Float' which will utilise the energy transmitted by SSPS.
The Adjective as an Adjunctive Predicative Expression: A Semantic Analysis of Nominalised Propositional Structures as Secondary Predicative Syntagmas