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PROPOSITION. An offer to do something. Until it has been accepted, a proposition may be withdrawn by the party who makes it; and to be binding, the acceptance must be in the same terms, without any variation. Vide Acceptance; Offer; To retract; and 1 L. R. 190; 4 L. R. 80.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If one goes in that direction, I have no qualms in conceding that moderate epistemic akrasia (thus understood) might be doxastically rational (provided it be propositionally rational).
(6.) Zagzebski (2001: 242) states that "[t]here is no reason to think any of these things that has an exclusively propositional structure, if indeed it has a propositional structure at all," but even so, points out that "I am not denying the reality of possibility that all can be represented propositionally, but I am denying that the proposition is the only form in which reality can be made intelligible to the human mind."
The third and final answer comes from the inclusivist, who agrees with the exclusivist, and disagrees with the pluralist, that one religion is propositionally truer than all other religions.
(Holderlin 1998, 37-8; Holderlin's emphases) An intuitive apprehension of Being is possible but it cannot be articulated propositionally. It must be approached instead indirectly through metaphor and art which became Holderlin's means of disclosing Being.
Sthayi Bhava is propositionally internal to the phases of art and normatively structured as synthesized medium.
Such tests were necessitated by the competing truth claims of the various new "religions," propositionally conceived.
Likewise with mental spatial models, whether two--or three-dimensional: the mind's eye (Levinson figures it as "small window") travels from point to point to bring different features into resolution, at one micro-fractional moment beholding only a simple part of a propositionally present but otherwise undifferentiated and undiscriminated complex whole, and in the next micro-fractional moment traversing the array to another simple part which then comes instantly and more or less exclusively into focus.
Tradition and modernity are thus not propositionally entered into a dialectical war, or resolved to a state of peace.
This formula was derived to reflect a scoring strategy (mentioned previously) that gives most weight to correct propositions, with less (but still positive) weight given to isolated valid concepts that are not propositionally linked.
That reasoning can be understood propositionally, since the analogies that hold between the middle and extreme terms in the sequence are in fact expressly stated.
The relationship between the emblem and the party was easy enough to envision propositionally The Partido Popular Democratico was the party that claimed to represent the interests of the jibaros.
Faith that is either emotionally or propositionally different for every individual is simply not sturdy enough to accommodate the claims of Christianity toward universal truth.