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Innocent gave a propositum to those of the Third Order or Tertiaries, who must be considered laymen, which allowed them to assemble on Sundays with permission of the diocesan bishop to hear one of their own, "strong in word and deed" preach the word of God, "leading them to good habits and pious works, but saying nothing concerning the articles of faith or the sacraments of the Church.
CDF, Responsum ad propositum dubium concerning the Teaching Contained in "Ordinatio sacerdotalis," http://www.
promittendo peccavit, mutando autem propositum bene facit"; ("[.
In October 1995, the doctrinal congregation acted further, releasing a responsum ad propositum dubium concerning the nature of the teaching in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis: "This teaching requires definitive assent, since, founded on the written Word of God, and from the beginning constantly preserved and applied in the Tradition of the Church, it has been set forth infallibly by the ordinary and universal Magisterium.
Ad propositum ergo autor vult dicere: Quid ducit te ad vallem tam infamem, sicut est vallis Salsarum apud patriam tuam?
a quodam dialectico ex Platonis diatriba per contumeliam propositum, 'a sophism of that kind .
5v: "nihil ille [Plautus] aliud propositum comico poetae credidit, quam populo risum movere.
13 (2002): 109-23, where Sanctae virginitatis propositum (July 22, 1253) and Benedicta filia tu (June 12, 1256) are edited.
Est una inter has ad propositum potissima, quae pronuntiabilis appellatur, absolutam sententiam comprehendens, sola ex omnibus veritati aut falsitati obnoxia.
Nam quod postulas, nullis posses precibus vel laboribus impetrare; firmum etenim est et totius meae mentis propositum Veneris me nunquam supponere servituti nec amantium me poenis subiicere.
5 Adamussim examinetur quaenam ex propositis solutionibus (membership, nova forma associationis vel arctior cooperatio) revera magis utilis sit ad attingendum scopum propositum, nempe restaurationem unitatis Ecclesiae.
The other chord, prefiguring the new oath of fidelity, was the doctrinal congregation's 1995 Responsum ad Propositum Dubium ("Response to a Proposed Doubt") concerning the level of teaching authority in the pope's apostolic letter on the ordination of women the year before.