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According to Sereno's camp, the article was based on the answers to questions propounded the lawyers during a media forum held on Nov.
It is shocking that a new theory is being propounded to stop the people of Kashmir from seeking their birthright to self-determination.
He would have been appalled to think that his compatriots in Wales had voted to step backwards, based on the nonsense propounded by scoundrels like the crypto-fascist, Nigel Farage, and the right wing of the Tory party supported to the hilt by the often racist lies promulgated by the right-wing English tabloid press, the owners of which are all "non-doms" who pay no UK tax.
Moreover the meeting called for the preservation of the Syrian state institutions and for rejecting all shapes and forms of terrorism, said Abu Zaid, who concluded that all these values and principles dovetailed with those propounded in Cairo's conference for the Syrian opposition which took place last June.
Anyhow, Thomas Malthus in 1798 had propounded his theory in 'An essay on the principle of population', in which he stated: "Means of production increase in arithmetic proportion whereas population increases in geometrical proportion".
In the propounded policy, the ERC emphasized that the Mindanao-DUs can be momentarily authorized "to include in the calculation of their monthly generation rates their actual fuel costs for their owned or leased generation facilities.
Eddie Sanders (Letters, December 28), used the views of what the philosopher Epicurus propounded 2,000 years ago - basically, is God impotent or evil?
British Columbia) offers analysis of works by Chaucer (Saint Erkenwald and "The Manciple's Tale"), Marian lyrics by Thomas Hoccleve, and John Gower's Confessio Amantis, as well as the Wars of Alexander, utilizing methodology drawn from speech-act theory, especially that which concerns performative utterances (as propounded by J.
The minister said if designed for public good, Government would surely implement those alternative programmes propounded by the opposition.
The court held, inter alia, that contrary to the Maloneys' contention the case was not one, which called for a mistrial due to the fact that the nurses' attorney propounded a question to Nancy asking whether she was a racist.
Brodman be compelled, not only to answer the questions propounded to him, but to answer any and all follow-up questions relevant and material to his original answers.