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To offer or propose. To form or put forward an item, plan, or idea for discussion and ultimate acceptance or rejection.


verb advance, advocate, allege, argue, aver, contend, exhibit, hypothesize, introduce, lay before, maintain, make a motion, moot, move, offer, pose, posit, postulate, predicate, present, proffer, project, propose, put forth, put forward, recommend, set forth, submit, suggest, tender, throw out, voice
Associated concepts: propound the law
See also: adduce, admonish, advise, advocate, allege, annunciate, argue, assert, avouch, avow, bear, claim, decide, defend, give, hold, issue, maintain, offer, posit, postulate, proffer, propose, publish, submit, utter

TO PROPOUND. To offer, to propose; as, the onus probandi in every case lies upon the party who propounds a will. 1 Curt. R. 637; 6 Eng. Eccl. R. 417.

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Rather, he propounds the more subtle notion of "epigenetic rules," hereditary regularities in brain structure and cognitive development that make certain types of learning and behavior more likely than others.
In her book Desire, Death and Goodness, Grace Burford presents a detailed textual analysis of the Atthakavagga of the Suttanipata, focusing on the values which it propounds.
One propounds what it calls the "New View": Government management of the economy is a good idea and is becoming inevitable anyway.
In colorful and ingenious free verse, by means of animal symbols and spirited dialogues, the author propounds a philosophy of sense and moderation, drawing practical lessons from the tribulations of crows, mice, ants, and the like and holding his fellow men up to affectionate ridicule.
Gene Cohen of the Center on Age, Health and Humanities, George Washington University, propounds that life expectancy can ultimately only be prolonged through continued incremental advances rather than a sudden miracle breakthrough.