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I had everything I needed, and the boy was doing as well there as he would a done at home -- better, maybe, because it was so quiet; but there I WAS, with both of 'm on my hands, and there I had to stick till about dawn this morning; then some men in a skiff come by, and as good luck would have it the nigger was setting by the pallet with his head propped on his knees sound asleep; so I motioned them in quiet, and they slipped up on him and grabbed him and tied him before he knowed what he was about, and we never had no trouble.
She propped the child in a chair and stood off to inspect it.
Her spectacles were propped up on her gray head for safety.
Sometimes their feet failed them, and they sank together in a heap; they were then propped up with the monitors' high stools.
I propped my eyelids open with my two forefingers, and looked perseveringly at her as she sat at work; at the little bit of wax-candle she kept for her thread - how old it looked, being so wrinkled in all directions