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PROPRES, French law. The term propres or biens propres, is used to denote that property which has come to an individual from his relations, either in a direct line, ascending or descending, or from a collateral line, whether the same have come by operation of law or by devise. Propres is used. in opposition to acquets. Poth. Des. Propres; 2 Burge, Confl. of Laws, 61; 2 L. R. S.

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Le gros mot est deja crache, histoire de prestige et d'amour propre d'une famille respectueuse et charismatique dans toute la region, voire tout le pays.
AMOUR PROPRE is fancied to strike a blow for the home guard by repelling the international challenge.
I would fancy him to turn the tables on Amour Propre in these conditions, so in the likely absence of his Newmarket conqueror, his case is stronger and I am not looking elsewhere for the probable winner.
Should Amour Propre bypass Haydock, he will go straight to Royal Ascot for the King's Stand Stakes.
Although Amour Propre is 2lb better off, ground conditions are likely to be different and Bastiman reports Borderlescott to have thrived for his first run of the season.
BARGAIN speedster Amour Propre blitzed to a 10-1 success at Ascot and normally laid-back trainer Henry Candy is convinced he's found another star.
Henry Candy has yet another serious sprinter on his hands through Amour Propre, who made light of his trainer's concerns over the ground in Berkshire.
Anas Samran Le Jourdain " Etre son propre chef", est le but qu'ont dE[umlaut]sirE[umlaut] rE[umlaut]aliser de nombreux Jordaniens en s'investissant dans leur propre petite entreprise.
Utiliser des aiguilles de calibre 15 (ou etablir son propre protocole pour differents calibres d'aiguilles).
98,7% possedent leur propre unite centrale et 94,7% utilisent aussi des micro-ordinateurs en reseau et 93,3% des mini-ordinateurs, des taux plus eleves que n'importe ou ailleurs.
These facts are important in understanding the character of Noel du Fail auteur as well as what Marie-Claude Bichard-Thomine refers to as "la maniere propre de Noel du Fail conteur" (11).