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The use of proprietary medicines does no real good, so resist over-the-counter local anaesthetics and pessaries
Tenders are invited for Veterinary Proprietary Medicines, Ip/Bp Medicine And Veterinary Instruments.
OptiNose is developing a pipeline of products using the new technology, which is also available to license for delivery of proprietary medicines.
Abbott's proprietary pharmaceutical business has delivered market-leading performance with a sustainable mix of products and built a strong pipeline of proprietary medicines through internal discovery, in-licensing and collaboration efforts.
Singapore announced Tuesday it will impose tighter controls on Chinese proprietary medicines in the wake of one person dying and others falling ill this year apparently after taking a brand of China-made slimming pills.
Cannabis extracts were also used in proprietary medicines, including soothing syrups to help babies through teething.
But Rule 66 (viii) (A) absolves a rider if the result is due to the 'consumption of medical compounds or proprietary medicines in normal or recommended quantities, entirely for recognised medical purposes'.
Rule 66 (viii)(a) absolves a rider who is tested positive for a banned substance if the finding is due to "the injection or consumption of medical compounds or proprietary medicines in
Moreover, this agreement underscores our strategy of building value by developing an internal pipeline of PDCs and RNAi therapeutics and by working with partners to improve their proprietary medicines with our peptide targeting.