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Or, that she might harness the proprieties to the carriage of some rich young heiress or widow, and become at once the driver and guard of such vehicle through the social mazes.
In person, Mrs General, including her skirts which had much to do with it, was of a dignified and imposing appearance; ample, rustling, gravely voluminous; always upright behind the proprieties.
Mtewti explained "That Mosul city enjoys privacy and will only be liberated by its people and by their support for the regular and army forces ," adding that , stressing that everyone in Mosul is in favor for the entry to Mosul of regular official forces and Popular Crowd forces only of Nineveh sons only and refuses to entry of any other force under any name or pretext of liberation, so that to prevent the occurrence of what happened in Tikrit where revenge sectarian acts have been perpetrated against the civilians as well as against their proprieties and the state proprieties as well ".