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n. the owner of anything, but particularly the owner of a business operated by that individual.

PROPRIETOR. The owner. (q.v.)

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Miss Halcombe had only time to assent, and to whisper to her sister that she should hear from her on the next day, when the proprietor of the Asylum joined them.
Here ensued a great many words between Matthew Maule and the proprietor of the Seven Gables, on the subject which the latter had thus broached.
His steward might deign to occupy it, but never, certainly, the great landed proprietor himself.
As a proprietor, it is to my interest my house should not be burnt.
"He calls A store A shop," said the proprietor, "and he wants A meal for A shilling.
"Well," said the proprietor, and turned with a puzzled smile to the others.
The answer led him to the conclusion that '13 A' occupied the situation in the hotel which had been described by his brother and sister as the situation of '14.' He asked next for the Visitors' List; and found that the French gentleman who then occupied '13 A,' was the proprietor of a theatre in Paris, personally well known to him.
It is a singular feature in American life that at the beginning of this century, when the proprietor of the estate had occasion for settlers on a new settlement and in a remote county, he was enabled to draw them from among the increase of the former colony.
It thundered some foreign name loudly but inaudibly, and the hotel proprietor moved more sharply towards it than he had done for Flambeau's sherry.
He, therefore, first requesting Mr Pancks to remember his voluntary declaration that his proprietor had no part in the disclosure, and that his own intentions were good (two declarations which that coaly little gentleman with the greatest ardour repeated), openly told him that as to the Dorrit lineage or former place of habitation, he had no information to communicate, and that his knowledge of the family did not extend beyond the fact that it appeared to be now reduced to five members; namely, to two brothers, of whom one was single, and one a widower with three children.
'Now,' said Pancks, 'to put this business on its own footing, it's not my proprietor's.'
In this office sat the representative of the proprietor