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But the final stages of this Messiah had a real propulsive quality.
The distinction of the operations of the upper and lower limbs during the movement cycles in the propulsive and non-propulsive phases will allow for the specification of the intra-cyclic and inter-cyclic coordination of the movements in sprint breaststroke swimming.
Johnson's propulsive and energetic guitar riffs, plus his kinetic stage presence, garnered him a place on the pantheon of great British guitarists.
To experience the propulsive rhythms, chilling twin guitar work and impassioned vocals that is Engel, check out the video for new single “Question Your Place” http://www.
Singers and orchestra alike responded to his eloquent, propulsive beat in a remarkably tight, unified performance.
A decrease in the occurrence or intensity of the segmental contractions of the circular muscles and predominance of the propulsive forces of the longitudinal muscles may lead to diarrhea.
Ubiquitous beatmeister RedOne keeps the action propulsive and suitably frisky on an excitable excerpt from Enrique's Euphoria album.
The Glaswegian outfit, consisting of Dominic Aitchison, Stuart Braithwaite, Martin Bulloch, Barry Burns and John Cummings, are wily exponents of expansive soundscapes that can be at turns both brutally propulsive and subtly beautiful.
Inspired by actual events, Unstoppable is an adrenaline rush fuelled by director Tony Scott's signature mark of propulsive action rooted in the reality of ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances.
While the likes of Louise and Hole In My Shoe were decent enough, with nice vocal melodies and propulsive riffs, they were simply not catchy or imaginative enough to make them truly memorable.
Fuel burn improvements will be sought from propulsive and thermal efficiency, component efficiency and advanced engine systems.
As it turns out the smaller stage turned out to be the best option on Friday evening, with a propulsive sets of electronica from Errors and Four Tet and reverberating psychedelic rock from Wooden Shjips.