propulsive force

See: impetus
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To date, no studies have determined whether differences in the ability to generate force with the left and right upper extremities in land-based strength test (using a maximal voluntary isometric contraction test) are related to propulsive force asymmetries measured during a tethered swimming.
The Philippines' overwhelming, propulsive force toward triathlon glory came from a long, painstaking program.
For the harpoon we have a gas generator, a type of solid fuel which combusts quickly and produces a propulsive force to fire the harpoon.
It is equipped with a comprehensive monitoring system and has high propulsive force.
Today Landers says he thinks of goals not merely as benchmarks or endpoints but as a propulsive force.
Normal crutches have a flat tip, and at the apex of the crutch's motion, the user has to provide all of the propulsive force, as if pushing over a hill on every step.
Lead researcher Max Donelan of SFU's Locomotion Laboratory said that they measured the forces the tail exerts on the ground and calculated the mechanical power it generates, and found that the tail is responsible for more propulsive force than the front and hind legs combined.
Fuel efficiency is further improved by a proprietary propeller design, thanks to which the main engine s output can be more efficiently converted to propulsive force.
The Hummingbirds added guitarist, Howard Carroll, who added even more propulsive force to their high-flying vocals.
Indeed, it's the persuasive turns of all the cast members within an otherwise preposterous setup that allow filmgoers to surrender to the propulsive force of Source Code.
Furthermore, the magnitude, acceleration, and direction of the vector of the stretch force is the product of the sum of the traction force generated by the obstetrician and the propulsive force generated by spontaneous or induced uterine contractions.