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It will then prorogue Parliament and set a new agenda through a new Speech from the Throne.
On a snowy December afternoon with the nation watching anxiously, Governor-General Michaelle Jean agreed to prorogue Parliament until January 26, 2009.
His strong support of the minority coalition even when Canadians had very squarely rejected it in the days leading up to the governor general's difficult decision to prorogue was an embarrassment and left the door open for a deft Ignatieff to grab the, albeit tarnished, Liberal crown.
As the state government cannot get any ordinance promulgated if the Assembly was not prorogued, a formal letter was sent to the Secretary to prorogue the house, the CMO said.
The predicament of the government is whether to prorogue the monsoon session when parliament adjourns tomorrow and term the session starting from December 8 as winter session or term it as continuation of the present session.
After transacting most of the business and facing quorum issue, the Deputy Chairman Murtaza Javed Abbassi announced to prorogue the session sine die.
Following on from the Queen's speeches, the British examples of how they prorogue and dissolve Parliament is discussed, included the 'wash-up' period of a parliament prior to an election and the recent move to fixed election dates.
Zafarul Haq regretted that Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians attitude during proceedings of the Upper House of the Parliament and said, 'the opposition PPPP defied the Chairman to maintain decorum in the House that forced the Chairman to prorogue the House.
ISLAMABAD -- Opposition parties in Senate Friday staged protest against the Prime Minister as their slogans marred the proceedings making Chairman Raza Rabbani to prorogue the House.
First, we should be clear that the power to prorogue parliament legally rests with the Crown.
Many people feel that Prime Minister Harper's second minority government abused its power to prorogue Parliament in order to shut down embarrassing activities.
ISLAMABAD -- Lack of quorum forced Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi to prorogue National Assembly 30th session sine die here on Friday.