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Those associated with Political Order concede that the Governor General almost always defers to the Prime Minister and that the Governor General has no discretion to refuse advice to prorogue when the Government clearly has the confidence of the House.
It will then prorogue Parliament and set a new agenda through a new Speech from the Throne.
As the state government cannot get any ordinance promulgated if the Assembly was not prorogued, a formal letter was sent to the Secretary to prorogue the house, the CMO said.
On a snowy December afternoon with the nation watching anxiously, Governor-General Michaelle Jean agreed to prorogue Parliament until January 26, 2009.
His strong support of the minority coalition even when Canadians had very squarely rejected it in the days leading up to the governor general's difficult decision to prorogue was an embarrassment and left the door open for a deft Ignatieff to grab the, albeit tarnished, Liberal crown.
Following on from the Queen's speeches, the British examples of how they prorogue and dissolve Parliament is discussed, included the 'wash-up' period of a parliament prior to an election and the recent move to fixed election dates.
The constitutional problem is the capacity of a prime minster "to abuse the constitutional powers to summon, prorogue and dissolve the House of Common to advance the partisan interests of the governing party.
First, we should be clear that the power to prorogue parliament legally rests with the Crown.
They argue that in 2008, Michaelle Jean had to follow the advice of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to prorogue Parliament.
Of the scholarship on the Harper-Jean prorogation of 2008, Andrew Heard occupies one extreme in his support for the use of the reserve power in matters of prorogation and the argument that Governor General Michaelle Jean should have rejected Prime Minister Stephen Harper's advice to prorogue in 2008.
Many people feel that Prime Minister Harper's second minority government abused its power to prorogue Parliament in order to shut down embarrassing activities.
This article looks at the Royal prerogative to prorogue Parliament.