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Once prorogued, a parliament may not reconvene until summoned back by the sovereign.
The judge noted that the lawsuit was actually filed in response to Bill C-61, which died on the order paper when Parliament was prorogued last year.
aggression on Iraq,'' but instead of discussing the resolution, the government prorogued the assembly in haste.
Later, after completing other proceedings, the house was prorogued.
Later, after completion of other proceedings, the chair prorogued the house.
Since then the Budget session has gone into recess till April 20 and for re-promulgating the ordinance, Parliament has to be prorogued.
Following the approval of the budget Speaker Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan prorogued the House in sine die.
Derek Green, Chief Justice of Newfoundland and Labrador, prorogued the Second Session of the Forty-Seventh General Assembly.
As the state government cannot get any ordinance promulgated if the Assembly was not prorogued, a formal letter was sent to the Secretary to prorogue the house, the CMO said.
V Thomas said that a motion for consideration and passing of the Bill was moved in the Lok Sabha on 2nd May but the discussion could not be concluded in the Budget Session, and Parliament was adjourned sine die on 8th May and thereafter both the Houses were prorogued.
Since the Ontario legislature had been prorogued, he said nobody from the government was addressing high unemployment, and issues from the North.
The government's bid on Monday to postpone a debate on the legislation met with stiff resistance from the BJP, which wanted an immediate progress report since the extended session in December to pass the Bill was abruptly prorogued.