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With the average Canadian objecting to the proroguing of Parliament, Chief Awasis and Chief Lonechild urged First Nations people to also join in the January protests that were scheduled across Canada and apply pressure to the federal government and Parliament members.
In 1997, British Prime Minister John Major similarly avoided publication of an embarrassing report on a scandal involving bribes being paid to members of his government by proroguing Parliament.
The only way Blair could stop it would be a surprise proroguing of Parliament before the axe could fall.
KARACHI -- Sindh Assembly on Thursday increased salaries, allowances, perks and privileges of Sindh Chief Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, CM cabinet members and parliamentary secretaries before proroguing the session by passing The Sindh laws (Amedment) Bill 2017.
At the outset of the session, the Senate's secretary-general, Khaled al-Lozi, recited a royal decree issued last week proroguing parliament's extraordinary session as of September 30, 2014.
We do know, for sure, that convention forbids the governor general proroguing Parliament on his or her own.