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Susan does a decided disservice to the actor by postulating that he may be detached, so to speak, from prosaic pursuits like visiting the P.
his face soothes me Prosaic, the common man The kind of stranger I would
From monolithic concrete structures such as motorway bridges and power stations, to the more prosaic breeze block, raw concrete and cement are left unfinished or polished to a shine.
But instead of prosaic data about Internet Service Providers (ISPs), he was instead presented with pornographic images.
But instead of prosaic data about Internet Service Providers, he was presented with a cascade of pornographic images.
Founded in the seventeenth century, it is famous as Sibelius' birthplace, but also boasts the more prosaic distinction of having the oldest provincial archives in Finland.
Predictably the seminarians' lives are littered with the minutiae of modern life, and at times Englert gets bogged down in recounting the prosaic details.
There is a host of prosaic ``objects'' that also come from that mysterious motel room -- a pen, a comb, a clock, a bus ticket, a pair of scissors, a deck of playing cards, some Polaroids -- with equally curious, even deadly, powers.
She fell to the floor, then abruptly re-adjusted her prostate body, a prosaic action transformed into poetry.
Traffic engineering could be considered a prosaic profession, tabulating vehicles crossing through intersections, calculating optimal signal timing and designing roadways.