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The comparison of these prosaic drawings with studies by every artist associated with the Raphael shop in order to arrive at a hypothetical attribution to the "Anonymus Foro Semproniensis," reflects the rigor of a dissertation, but seems redundant here.
His prosaic, portly frame won't ignite more exotic musings.
However the spectacle on the main street side is more gently prosaic, as the self-important, space-age interloper nuzzles up to workaday terraced houses.
The translations aim at utilitarian, prosaic accuracy.
Most of these fledgling members worked at tiring, prosaic jobs during the day in order to study and rehearse with Humphrey at night.
Some of the juxtapositions were rather prosaic, for instance that of a life-size white fiberglass donkey, an ancient symbol of randiness, with the phallic plastic vegetables that adorn the large wheels suspending the neon lights in several of the niches.
Other interventions are more prosaic, bringing the nineteenth-century structure in line with current planning and seismological legislation.
a fullevening piece from 1995 accompanied by a dozen versions of NAve Maria." Setting Catholic iconography--a statue of the Madonna, votive candles--againts the prosaic rolls and seated scoots of her five dancers, Flory was aiming, I think, to show the simultaneous existence of the ordinary and the divine.
In Si je t'oublie Paris, 2003, and in the series "Feux d'artifice" (Fireworks), 2003-2004, he explores the pictorial translation of light--an artificial and prosaic light that nevertheless suggests a beyond.
Clarke collaborated with members of Netherlands Dance Theater 3, composed of artists near the end of their performing careers, when dramatic intuition, kinetic wisdom, and rhythmic acuity provide magnificent distractions from the more prosaic matter of limited physical capacity.
He describes his practice in the most prosaic terms when, in actuality, it is anything but.
London publishing whizzkid and former journalist, Peter Murray, has just written an account of the Utzon years -- based on the prosaic but hard documentary evidence of the Arup files.