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"Lucid, but ambiguous; pathetic, but amusing; poetical, but comprehensive; prosaical, but full of emphasis.
In "In the Rain," Tomson describes the ghostly shapes moving through rainy London streets: "Figures, fantastical, grim- / Figures, prosaical, tame, / Each with chameleon-stain, / Dun in the crepuscle dim, / Red in the nimbus of flame- / Glance through the veil of the rain," and promises "I shall come back from the dead." She asks: "Turn then and look for me here / Stealing the shadows along;/Look for me--I shall be near,/ Deep in the heart of the throng" (p.
The citizen has certain expectations of the state, not only in prosaical matters as taxes, revenue spending, and safety legislation, but also idealistic expectations of the state as an upholder of moral values and human rights.