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More prosaically, they will be new rules of the game about how the community is going to solve its problems and seize its opportunities.
It's hard to imagine a courtship described more prosaically, less romantically.
The jimmy hat, wrapper, rubber, wetsuit, willie warmer, or condom, as it's more prosaically known, has aided many coital couples throughout history.
More prosaically known as the Palace of the Boyne, its white front and grass roof hide a burial mound.
More prosaically, the question comes up frequently within the healthcare information technology sphere.
The report is prosaically titled "Do Chiropractic Services for the Treatment of Low Back Pain and Neck Pain Improve the Value of Health Benefit Plans?
More prosaically, IranAEs nuclear ambitions are a potential flashpoint for war in the Middle East.
More prosaically, Guthlac was probably a 9th century Norse landowner who possibly ousted Anglo-Saxon owners by force, but from this distance in time we can't be sure.
Nicholas Saunders and Paul Cornish who organised the meeting and edited the volume set an extremely broad agenda: it embraces themes as diverse as purely anrhropological approaches to the Great War, analyses of its material culture and objects (as varied as the multiple components of the nations engaged in that conflict), reflections on notions of territory marked by conflict (landscape), or more prosaically combat zones (battlefields).
One theatrical effect may have excited the audience at the Troxy cinema in 1959 when during the film House on Haunted Hill, according to the poster "the thrills fly right into the audience" or, as Brown, more prosaically and no doubt more accurately, puts it "a skeleton suspended on a wire glided across the heads" of the audience (75).
The captivating image of the girl in the snow is entitled rather prosaically Minnie Minx Port Update, and is of one of his favourite models, Michaela Scott, from the purestorm.
Ivy always plays her new pieces like a metronome and prosaically, but after we do much work together they sound great.