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Twenty-six states (62%) have proscriptions against sexual misconduct with former clients either encoded in their statutes, rules, or regulations or referenced in their approved code of ethics or standards of practice.
31) Studies by Kenneth Kusmer and Lawrence Cuban detail how casual policies hardened into rigid racial proscriptions.
First, the programme is a cultural one, suggesting a freer rein compared with the proscriptions of lawyers and civil servants; and second, the building already exists, providing a framework for intervention and dialogue.
Because officers under the intense stress and pressure of a crime scene may overlook the proscriptions of the Fourth Amendment, law enforcement agencies should reinforce the need for warrants through policy.
Although the New Testament doesn't contain any such explicit proscriptions against loaning at interest, Jesus does say to his disciples in Luke 6:34-35 that "if you lend money to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you?
In addition to excoriating the church, she batters away at the antiporn forces of both Right and Left, at AIDS as an excuse for homophobia, and at proscriptions against S/M and gay marriage and transsexualism.
Loetz describes how the government actively promoted the creation of a well-trained cadre of midwives, and despite numerous proscriptions on unlicensed medical practice, it actually did little to prevent lay healers from serving patients.
Any financial relationships between physicians and drug manufacturers or home care companies must be structured carefully to limit liability exposure under the Medicare/Medicaid antikickback statute, as well as other state and federal proscriptions.
No new mandates, proscriptions, tribunals, boards, or commissions.
7) However, the Secret Service agents, executing the warrant that authorized the search of defendant's apartment, were unquestionably government actors and, therefore, bound by the proscriptions of the fourth amendment.
But while accepting Biblical proscriptions against homosexuality for this reason, she aptly dismantles the right's objections with the observation that we not only have a right to defy nature, but that the greatest glories of civilization, even civilization itself, are monumentally unnatural.