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To follow through; to commence and continue an action or judicial proceeding to its ultimate conclusion. To proceed against a defendant by charging that person with a crime and bringing him or her to trial.

The state, on behalf of the people, generally prosecutes a defendant accused of a crime.

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v. 1) in criminal law, to charge a person with a crime and thereafter pursue the case through trial on behalf of the government. This is normally the function of the District Attorney (called States Attorney or city prosecutor in some places) and the United States Attorney in federal criminal cases. A state Attorney General may prosecute in crimes of statewide importance, and the United States Attorney General, through the Solicitor General, may prosecute for crimes involving matters of national significance. 2) to conduct any legal action by a lawyer on behalf of a client, including both civil and criminal cases, but most commonly referring to prosecution for crimes. (See: prosecution, prosecutor, District Attorney, Attorney General)

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For Burundi, the "reluctance of police and public prosecutors to investigate and prosecute, and of judges to hear cases of government corruption and human-rights abuse in a timely manner, resulted in widespread impunity."The State Department said that South Sudan civilian authorities routinely failed to maintain effective control over state security forces last year.
Mosby's refusal to prosecute Maryland crimes, although not intended, may have created even more divide between the citizens of Baltimore, the Baltimore Police Department and the judicial system.
While reacting on the Ministry of Home Affair's (MHA) sanction to prosecute Jain, Sharma on Thursday took to social media micro-blogging site Twitter to say: "Modi government's discredited caged parrot CBI which is gasping for survival registers a fake case against Satyendra Jain and Modi government's MHA says it has given prosecution sanction.
She added: "The office receives a large number of requests for reasons for the decision not to prosecute and dealt with 638 such requests in 2017.
'We agree that MACC should be given the right to prosecute in the event that the AG decides not to prosecute,' he told reporters here, but said the MACC currently cannot prosecute directly as the relevant laws have to be amended first.
Holder overruled an internal Department of Justice recommendation to prosecute the bank and bank officials "because of DOJ leadership's concern that prosecuting the bank would have serious adverse consequences on the financial system," the report said.
There are three ways to prosecute ISIS's international crimes:  in the domestic courts of Iraq and Syria, before an ad hoc tribunal or prosecuting ISIS in the ICC, which poses the most problems of all.
According to the Oslo Accords, which were signed in 1994, the Palestinian Authority is not allowed to prosecute anyone who holds Israeli citizenship, including Palestinians.
Clr Peter McBride, Kirklees Joint Cabinet member for place, said: "The night time noise team try to resolve noisy neighbour complaints informally but will use the powers they have to seize music making equipment and prosecute offenders when necessar y."
Theresa Thorp, prosecuting, said it was decided there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Meredith with taking more money.
Glasgow City Council said they had no power to prosecute Singh as his offence happened outwith their area.