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To follow through; to commence and continue an action or judicial proceeding to its ultimate conclusion. To proceed against a defendant by charging that person with a crime and bringing him or her to trial.

The state, on behalf of the people, generally prosecutes a defendant accused of a crime.

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v. 1) in criminal law, to charge a person with a crime and thereafter pursue the case through trial on behalf of the government. This is normally the function of the District Attorney (called States Attorney or city prosecutor in some places) and the United States Attorney in federal criminal cases. A state Attorney General may prosecute in crimes of statewide importance, and the United States Attorney General, through the Solicitor General, may prosecute for crimes involving matters of national significance. 2) to conduct any legal action by a lawyer on behalf of a client, including both civil and criminal cases, but most commonly referring to prosecution for crimes. (See: prosecution, prosecutor, District Attorney, Attorney General)

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Last year we prosecuted 5,000 fraudsters and issued around 6,000 administrative penalties.
We believe that he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."In May 2008, the United States Department of the Treasury designated Saeed as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under Executive Order 13224.
The figures revealed that a total of 5,119 people in Wales were prosecuted for crimes against women and girls between April 2014 and April 2015.
Touching upon the U.S and EU reaction and criticism on the detention, Vidinli stated that, they(court) could not find any evidence to sue them with so they are trying to make up evidence probably the entire world I mean U.S State Department European Union (EU) they have all express criticism at this process its Turkish democracy that's been prosecuted so I think international world should pay more attention to what's going on here.
Daniel Smith, of Park Parade, Westtown, Dewsbury, was prosecuted after breaching an abatement notice on three occasions with loud voices and amplified sound on September 20 and 28, and again on November 1 last year.
" A total of 238 car drivers, 265 twowheeler riders and 12 auto- rickshaws were prosecuted out of which 91 vehicles were impounded on the spot.
"I want to see the basis on which this case has been prosecuted and I want a full explanation for that."
The document also reveals there was "an agreement" that soldiers would not be prosecuted for anything without prior notification to Army HQ.
How many motorists have been prosecuted for illegally turning right on to Gallowgate from Percy Street?
Summary: Guidelines are due to be published to clarify whether people are likely to be prosecuted if they help relatives commit suicide.
A law on anti-corruption was passed in March this year by the parliament, but no single official has been prosecuted to date.
Summary: Telecommunication Minister Jebran Bassil warned Monday that his ministry would prosecute any shop that sells prepaid cellular cards at prices above the official rates.aIn a statement to the press, the minister said the price of a new Alfa prepaid card is $50 while MTC Touch is $51.70, adding that any person who sells these cards above these official rates will be legally prosecuted.