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There are three ways to prosecute ISIS's international crimes:  in the domestic courts of Iraq and Syria, before an ad hoc tribunal or prosecuting ISIS in the ICC, which poses the most problems of all.
The last option is that the United Nations Security Council establishes an ad hoc tribunal to prosecute ISIS members.
For now we have these three levels; the Anti Corruption Commission investigates, after investigations they give the dockets to the Prosecutor General, the Prosecutor General has to make a decision after that whether to prosecute or not to prosecute.
The Prosecutor General has declined to prosecute in 36 cases referred to her by the ACC.
Under a compromise reached recently, the District Attorney's Code Enforcement Section will prosecute the cases while leaving the legwork and preparatory duties to the County Counsel's Office.
Article IV refers to the law under the Mexican Federal Penal Code that permits Mexican federal authorities to prosecute Mexican nationals who commit crimes in foreign countries or to prosecute other nationals who commit crimes against Mexican citizens outside of Mexico.
prosecutors' requests for extradition often fail to meet this exceptional circumstances threshold, officials may choose to forego prosecution in their jurisdiction and surrender their right to prosecute to Mexican federal authorities.
Cooley, 56, has touted the successes of several high-profile cases, including the conviction of former Symbionese Liberation Army ``soldier'' Kathleen Soliah and the creation of special divisions to prosecute corruption in government and the justice system.
He didn't deliver on his campaign promise to prosecute bad cops coming out of Rampart,'' Pacheco said.
In 1957, President Eisenhower mandated that DOJ prosecute civil rights violations, to include police misconduct, thus, allowing uniform application of civil rights law across the nation.
s Office is the best agency to prosecute cases arising under state laws, while the U.
We're getting the word out to law enforcement that these children are being victimized and that we want to stop the exploitation of children,'' said JoAnne McCracken, the deputy district attorney who prosecutes and tracks those cases.