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To follow through; to commence and continue an action or judicial proceeding to its ultimate conclusion. To proceed against a defendant by charging that person with a crime and bringing him or her to trial.

The state, on behalf of the people, generally prosecutes a defendant accused of a crime.

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v. 1) in criminal law, to charge a person with a crime and thereafter pursue the case through trial on behalf of the government. This is normally the function of the District Attorney (called States Attorney or city prosecutor in some places) and the United States Attorney in federal criminal cases. A state Attorney General may prosecute in crimes of statewide importance, and the United States Attorney General, through the Solicitor General, may prosecute for crimes involving matters of national significance. 2) to conduct any legal action by a lawyer on behalf of a client, including both civil and criminal cases, but most commonly referring to prosecution for crimes. (See: prosecution, prosecutor, District Attorney, Attorney General)

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Kamau who is a Senior Assistant Prosecuting counsel was serving in the anti-corruption departments and she is currently prosecuting the NYS suspects over Sh9billion scam.
According to announcement, Sahib Ali Shah has been declared successful for the post of Law Officer BPS-17 while Qambar Ali and Mahboob Ali have been declared successful candidates for the post of Prosecuting Inspector BPS-16.
Second, prosecuting ISIS militants is difficult because the group's members hail from every corner of the globe and because the group itself is not a subsidiary of any national government.
Asked to comment on the bill submitted by ruling center-right party GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) last week, Ivanov suggested that Bulgaria had to stay as far as possible from a prosecuting authority with unchecked discretion and excessive power to intervene in civil affairs and in relations in which it was not supposed to.
By not prosecuting the criminals they are encouraging the criminals to repeat their offences.
Theresa Thorp, prosecuting, said it was decided there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Meredith with taking more money.
But Mr Justice Burnett said the public interest in prosecuting for "serious wrongdoing" has been satisfied by the Albanian court.
Crown Prosecution North Yorkshire is above the national average for successfully prosecuting cases and Chief Crown Prosecutor, Martin Goldman, is pleading with victims to speak out.
PROSECUTING soldiers for shooting civilians would have been bad for morale, Northern Ireland's top lawyer was warned in a secret document released yesterday.
The same guidelines apply when it comes to prosecuting a police officer or the public.
Gilbert has received the 2007 Eugene Berry Award from the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, recognizing his 34 years of public service in prosecuting major crimes and traffic homicides, among other duties.