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120) As we shall see, the approach of both the Russian Orthodox Church and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation differs from the Catholic position on this point--a difference that becomes apparent in controversies surrounding proselytism and the right to convert.
Nevertheless, there is no escaping the colloquial and disparaging sense of the term: For many, the definition of proselytism inherently implies unworthy methods, unwarranted confidence and excessive zeal.
8) Moreover, proselytism hinders the common witness and further widens Christian disunity.
The statement excludes for the future "all proselytism and all desire for expansion by Catholics at the expense of the Orthodox church".
And when expressed in action, it will show itself either by penalizing the neighbour for following his or her conscience, which is persecution, or by using unfair means to induce him to conform his conscience to another's, which is proselytism.
While I have no intentions of proselytism during my volunteering experiences, I have taken one step toward connecting to my Jewish values; through volunteering, my faith shines through the strongest.
The Moroccan authorities accused them of proselytism - converting children from one faith to another - which is illegal in the north African country.
We are not fishing in the Anglican lake; proselytism is not the policy of the Catholic Church.
Here, Donaldson's expanded definition of universalism to include proselytism purs him at odds with scholars such as John J.
The Moroccan press has repeatedly accused the Iranian Embassy of proselytism in recent years.
Tariq Ramadan, a Muslim delegate and Swiss philosopher, wrote in the The Guardian, a British newspaper, that dialogue was "far more vital and imperative than our rivalries over the number of believers, our contradictory claims about proselytism, and sterile competition over exclusive possession of the truth".
Promoters expect the code to be an advocacy tool in discussions with governments considering anti-conversion laws, to help to advance the cause of religious freedom, address other religions' concerns about Christian proselytism, and also help to ease intra-Christian tensions.