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There were allegations of heavy-handed proselytism and even complaints that some of the visitors were disparaging the soldiers' service.
iii) "Intolerance, Persecution and Proselytism," Father Joseph Keating.
We can argue over whether there ought to be laws that prohibit proselytism, but that's not why we're here.
They uncovered overwhelming evidence these expatriates were engaging in proselytism activities directed at underage children, including evangelical flyers, CDs and children's books.
However, it remains a fact that wherever proselytism is practised with or without (re) baptism in inter-Christian belongingness, the quality of the common belonging is seriously threatened.
Proselytism by other faiths is illegal under the Bhutanese National Security Act.
4] These covenants circumscribe proselytism, the act of converting an individual from one faith or church to another, by specifically disallowing coercion, material inducement, violation of privacy, and preachments to captive audiences.
The Orthodox accuse Baptists of proselytism, and Baptists counter that their evangelism is directed to individuals brought up under eighty years of Marxism who have become secularized and de-christianized and therefore need to hear the gospel.
Literary works, led by Milton's exemplary epic, start to move away from direct political proselytism towards a newly-legitimized sense of "diversion," in which, as Joseph Glanvill asserted (32), zeal is "ill manners" (although the satire of the age is ill-mannered enough).
Granada believes that she was expelled because officials misinterpreted her outspoken support for women's rights as political proselytism, she told me in September.
After biting their tongues for the better part of the last month, the Democrats' left-wing faithful could stand the proselytism no longer.
Some eschew proselytism, seeking the way of leavening exemplar.