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However, the article's suspension was not seen as a move to increase religious freedoms, and the transitional government continued to prohibit the distribution of non-Islamic religious materials and the proselytization of Muslims.
An-Na'im's view of proselytization explains his suggestion that the state should be the "mediator of competing claims of proselytizers" and "protector of the interests of the target groups" (p.
The Government limits freedom of religion by prohibiting the distribution of non-Islamic religious materials and the proselytization of Muslims; however, non-Muslim resident expatriates and a few non-Muslim citizens generally practice their religions openly and freely.
If one could remove the adjective "missionary" from the previous sentence and if one takes account of the crucial difference between welcoming proselytes and active proselytization (recently emphasized by Martin Goodman, on early Judaism; Mission and Conversion [Oxford: Clarendon, 1994]), Horbury seems to have made a better case for rivalry and perhaps for at least some Jewish proselytization than anyone before him (see for instance Marcel Simon, Verus Israel [Paris: Boccard, 1964; Eng.
This information comes even as National Media reported on 24th January 2015 that "the Centre may act against some of the 188 NGOs red-flagged by the Intelligence Bureau for alleged misuse of foreign funds, suspected extremist links and proselytization.
The sale of alcohol is banned, and proselytization by other faiths is a criminal offense.
The Constitution provides for freedom of worship in accordance with the law and the requirements of protecting the public system and public behavior; however, the Government continues to prohibit proselytization by non-Muslims and places some restrictions on public worship.
as a consciously syncretistic blend of Christian, Zoroastrian, and gnostic currents, Manichaeism vigorously spread throughout the Sassanian and Roman empires during the next two centuries thanks to an aggressive program of proselytization.
Since that time Chhattisgarh and even Madhya Pradesh have come up with their own Kumbhs to counter Christian social action and proselytization.
The plaintiffs submitted extensive evidence of religious proselytization and coercion by Sunrise, but officials with the group assert that claims of religious coercion on the part of its staff have not been adequately proven in court.
Muslims and followers of religions other than Islam are free to worship according to their beliefs; however, the Government prohibits conversion from Islam and proselytization of Muslims.
Due to caste system there was no question of proselytization.