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The appointment of Pope Francis offers a great opportunity for the Church to build meaningful and substantive relations with a billion Hindus globally, repudiate its history of predatory proselytization, and foster a new relationship based on mutual respect, tolerance, and pluralism.
Bruno Starrs reads Dracula as pro-Catholic and wonders if Stoker wrote "a novel promoting the proselytization of Protestants to Catholicism in an era when to do so might be dangerous to an Irishman's health and/or freedom" and suggests that Stoker "was a closet Catholic cloaking his dangerous views in a relatively safe literary medium.
Examining the Bhaisajyaguru Sutra, Jenkins says: "There is a correlation here between material support and proselytization, but the reasoning is always that in order to create the conditions necessary for benefitting people spiritually, one must first attend to their material needs" (46).
Stressing that the "Moroccan law simultaneously guarantees freedom of religion and criminalizes proselytization," the Professor notes that the recent expulsion of several foreigners from Morocco was due to "their refusal to abide by Moroccan laws".
Noting that the area was in the middle of a key trading route for encompassing the Middle East, India and China, he said proselytization of Islam among the locals probably took place when Arab traders stopped there for three to four months a year while waiting for the monsoon winds to change to continue their journey to China.
It is perfectly legitimate for religious people to think that their traditions are superior and that proselytization and conversion is a part of who they are and what they do.
Further reaffirming the view that the sole motive of the Christian Missionaries and the British Raj was proselytization so as to 'tame' the wild tribes of the frontier regions and annex their land so as to serve the commercial interests of the British Tea Plantations in the North-East of India (Guha, 1977: 1991; Zairema, 1978, p 1; Allen, 1979; Chatterjee, 1990, p.
By analyzing these issues from a European perspective, Brockey seeks to answer several questions about the Jesuits in China and about Sino-Western relations between Europe and China, such as how the missionaries defined their proselytization, how many priests baptized Chinese, and how a Jesuit missionary was trained.
The eventual result of Stein's proselytization was the formation of the Democracy Alliance, a group of megarich liberal donors who were convinced that a combination of money and business acumen could come up not just with new words and phrases, but with genuinely big new ideas.
Rammohun's conversion and Drummond's ideological use of it are cited as an anecdote which parallels Lady Morgan's warning that proselytization may well lead to individuals being severed from their original communities.
such as worship, religious instruction or proselytization," according to the U.
He argues that the existing prohibition, exacerbated by recent escalation in government enforcement efforts, reaches too far beyond the use of funds by religious congregations into the very practices of preaching and proselytization that are at the core of religious faith.