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As shown, this is due to the fact that denominations will utilize this opportunity given to them to proselytize their own doctrine and alter the preferences of the adherents of other denominations.
For example, if an employee feels a religious need to proselytize, the employer has an obligation to accommodate that employee.
Nadler is worried that religious drug treatment and counseling programs that require no professional oversight or licensing will not only use public money to proselytize, but perhaps do more harm than good to vulnerable, poor clients.
The world's sixth-largest religion and growing, the LDS church proselytizes relentlessly.
The aim was not to proselytize but to `bring pupils to an equality of respect for different beliefs through understanding and knowing about different religions,' says David Jackson, Bradford's RE Inspector of Schools.
For some evangelicals, it is legitimate to proselytize among Catholics and other Christians who don't share their doctrinal beliefs.
Baltimore-based Catholic Relief Services, which has been in Iraq since the end of the first Gulf War, does not proselytize.
But I wouldn't call it my mission to proselytize on behalf of a newly emerging minority; I'd like to be the aunt I never had.
TNA: Judge Thompson ruled that the Ten Commandments monument is "an obvious effort to proselytize on behalf of a particular religion," but then failed to make clear what religion your monument was proselytized on behalf of The written opinion first stated that it proselytized on behalf of your personal religion, though the decision never mentioned the denomination you belong to or defined the creed you affirm.
If a company lets evangelical Christian employees proselytize on the job, it can be sued for creating a "hostile environment" for non-Christians.