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18(2) was meant as a protection against proselytizers and missionaries.
Leavis, on the other hand, was a product of, and a proselytizer for, the modernist revolution, although this was a different modernism which did not block the appreciation of nineteenth-century fiction.
In one sense, this is a new thesis: no one has yet argued that Wittgenstein was a Jewish proselytizer.
This was followed by a short rebuttal by the Muslim proselytizer.
However, if an employee informs the proselytizer or the employer that they don't want to hear that, then the employer needs to ask proselytizer not to direct his or her comments to that employee," she says.
Boyle was not a proselytizer, and he certainly never based a judgment of any other critic on that individual's spiritual beliefs.
He was referred to as an advocate, a proselytizer, and a very visible champion for FirstGov throughout its development and implementation.
Cisneros is also a tireless proselytizer for continental free trade, telling the world, as he did in a 1999 profile in LatinCEO magazine, that "Latin America is now fully committed to free trade, and fully committed to globalization.
Stefan Behling's own involvement in this process is a testament to what a dedicated proselytizer can do.
His first purchase, an Indian-language primer by the noted colonial American linguist and proselytizer John Eliot, cost him twenty-eight cents.
The proselytizer attempts to influence another person to alter her very identity--in a fundamental way, to become a different person.
He trooped from city to city, getting steel fabricators and erectors to agree to operate only on the open shop basis; saw to the formation of local NEA employment bureaus, which placed nonunion men on jobs; exposed corruption in the building trade unions; and became a great proselytizer for the open shop.