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And yet, in his bully pulpit mode, he speaks as naively as some proselytizer for world federalism or Esperanto.
Stefan Behling's own involvement in this process is a testament to what a dedicated proselytizer can do.
A proselytizer for the potential of technology to transform the individual, Rouse sees e-commerce as the lowest use of the Web.
His first purchase, an Indian-language primer by the noted colonial American linguist and proselytizer John Eliot, cost him twenty-eight cents.
The proselytizer attempts to influence another person to alter her very identity--in a fundamental way, to become a different person.
In her valuable study herein, Radmila Radic shows that the Marxist-Leninist state, in all its local varieties, was the most efficient and vicious proselytizer that Eastern Europe has seen in the twentieth century.
He then became an ardent proselytizer, chastising every teenager he saw with a cigarette about having a death wish.
A certain prominent proselytizer was there with his wife and children, reminding us that we were all "going to hell.
More of a proselytizer than his contemporary Jeff Koons, Bickerton broke out in the mid-1980s with "self-portraits" that took the form of amalgams of corporate logos.
Baur believes the world would be a better place if no one ate meat or dairy products, but in this book, at least, he's not a proselytizer on that point.
Whether they are Jehovah's Witnesses armed with "Watchtower" tracts or bicycle-riding Mormon missionaries or the street-corner proselytizer pushing pamphlets at passers-by, they all give evangelism a bad name.
In his later life, Adams became an important educator and proselytizer of photography, America's best-known environmentalist, advocate of the Sierra Club and author of numerous publications on photographic technique.