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Proselytizing (inducing someone to convert to one's faith) goes over that line.
Likewise, the document denounces proselytizing with the use of "financial incentives and rewards.
Larry, a Queens, New York electrician, regularly encounters a proselytizing evangelical at his job.
MeLinda Morton, a Lutheran chaplain at the academy, was abruptly transferred to Asia after complaining that some cadets were being abused by "systemic and pervasive" Christian proselytizing.
While the Constitution does not proclaim Islam as the official religion, government authorities continued to prohibit Christians from proselytizing.
While an employer may find itself facing countless types of requests for religious accommodation or different religion-related complaints from employees, there are four especially common, recurring issues: holiday decorations, religious garb, days off for religious observance and proselytizing.
Proselytizing is still active in many prison facilities, but it is officially prohibited or generally discouraged.
The perfect antidote to Woodstock's proselytizing is the atheistic No Man is a Riker.
The Highland Park ISD in Dallas had a communications policy that prohibited religious worship or proselytizing.
Especially not shining, self-certain, squeaky clean, proselytizing, quasi-religious extremism.
Aside from the cultural differences, relations between the two groups have always been rather strained because of the aggressive proselytizing, and because the repressive religious culture tends to sear lasting psychic scars on outsiders.
While African ethnic groups shared many theological and ritual similarities, their religions were largely ethnic-based, non-exclusionary, lacking the type of proselytizing or missionary imperative of Islam or Christianity.