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Unlike this earlier time, I am not talking about proselytizing to people who are devoted to a particular faith.
The threat of losing their identity to global cultures and larger religions particularly strikes smaller countries and it may be a contributing factor to their vehement opposition for proselytizing.
Thiessen contends that "those opposed to proselytizing on the basis of protecting pluralism are really not liberals at all but closet totalitarians" (128).
If charities thus engage in religious proselytizing, this will be an attempt to modify existing religious preferences of believers, bringing them closer to the charities' doctrine or ideology.
Team Pentagon's evaluation diverged markedly from an earlier investigation by Yale Divinity School that uncovered significant incidents of unacceptable Christian proselytizing and religious intolerance.
Such religions proselytizing trader the guise of support could spell disaster, said Jorge Valencia, executive director of the gay youth group the Trevor Project.
A few foreign religious groups maintain humanitarian programs in the country but, by agreement with the Government, do not engage in proselytizing.
In addition, 20% were aware of instances of employees proselytizing (preaching with the intent to convert) to co-workers, and over 33% said there are now more religions represented in their work forces.
There is a law in Israel that threaten proselytizing with prison terms, in order to deter evangelicals from converting others to Christianity.
Pastor Telchin reveals Messianic Judaism as a divisive movement within the Christian community, as ineffective in proselytizing Jews, and reiterates God's intention for the Christian Church to serve as "one new man" and as an advocate for unity among the body of believers in Christ.
Despite CoMission's efforts to co-opt Russian church support by providing technological and financial assistance for the Orthodox University in Moscow, the Moscow Patriarchate ultimately could not countenance the affront of such open Protestant proselytizing in the Orthodox heartland.
Despite its admirable intentions and illuminating descriptive content, redundancy, excessive proselytizing, and a simplistic view of the Bildungsroman mar the work.