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Certain functions now being performed by the Office of the Attorney-General, such as the power to issue a Fiat authorizing commencement of legal action in sensitive matters, or a Nolle Prosequi, will be transferred to the Director of Public Prosecutions.
Prosecution barrister Sean Gillane told the court the DPP had requested a nolle prosequi be entered in respect of all of the charges against the defendants, except for one count of criminal damage against Dylan Collins.
Both his lawyer Christos Pourgourides and Prez Nik, we hear, have been lobbying the AG Costas Clerides trying to persuade him to issue a nolle prosequi.
A nol pros, or nolle prosequi, is a court filing reflecting a prosecutor's decision not to proceed with a criminal case after charges have been brought.
The ystanbul Public Prosecutor's Office ordered a nolle prosequi (unwillingness to pursue) on July 22 regarding the Salam-Tawhid terror organization probe, a three-year surveillance effort to spot Iranian spying activities in Turkey.
A nolle prosequi (no prosecution) was entered in 19% of rapes and 29% of serious sexual assaults.
The December 17 Authority for the Protection of the Revolution and the December 17 Association had strained every nerve to obtain the abused judge's nolle prosequi, but in vain, as the plaintiff was not in the region.
According to the criminal law in force regarding the proceedings, the Prosecutor may adopt a solution of not standing trial (release from the criminal charges, nolle prosequi or dismissal of criminal charges) by ordinance, if the law provides this aspect (for instance when the penal action was initiated or when the prosecution authority proposes to stand trial, and the Prosecutor delivers a solution of not standing trial), and in the other cases by reasoned resolution.
Lewis Kaplan - the District Court Judge who had been presiding over the bin Laden case in court, issued an order called nolle prosequi, which means do not prosecute in Latin, a typical legal move once a defendant is deceased.
It was that racecourse that was the scene of a not altogether successful attempt at giving the classy chaser a Flat career last month, only for the five-year-old to issue a firm nolle prosequi when presented at the stalls.
But Miss Broadhurst was spared from appearing in the dock when the Attorney-General took the rare step of issuing an ancient nolle prosequi order because she was said she was close to death after suffering from cancer
In 1987 the Attorney General controversially passed a Nolle Prosequi order - which meant the case against the woman known as the Midland Steel Queen could not proceed - because she was said to be close to death.