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Prospection enables us to become wise not just from our own experiences but also by learning from others.
The project started in 2011, in its prospection phase which required drillings at over 20 meters depth.
The second agreement was concluded for gold prospection in Talodi locality in South Kordofan State .
The contract on the prospection and exploration of oil and natural gas at Bulgariaas Black Sea Silistar Block 1-14 may be signed in a month, after the government approves it and authorizes the Energy Minister to conclude it.
The committee spelt out that the budget's financial statement included no indications on regional and international economic situations of 2013 or prospection of 2014.
Muscat, Jan1st (ONA) Takaful Oman Company listing at Muscat Securities Market (MSM), which was scheduled Tomorrow ''Thursday'' as per the company prospection, has been delayed because the quorum for the founding general assembly of the company (under incorporation) that was scheduled yesterday was not met.
Par ailleurs, les participants a cette caravane ont ete quasi unanimes a souligner l'importance de la prospection aussi bien au Kenya, qu'en RDC ou en Republique du Congo.
Les deux parties se sont entendues a mettre les interets communs en tete de leurs priorites, par le biais de projets conjoints qui seront etablis dans les domaines de la prospection et des productions petrolieres et petrochimiques.
2 billion in eight oil and gas prospection projects in the Mediterranean Sea off its northern coast.
Oil and gas producer and explorer Amerisur Resources Plc (LSE:AMER) announced on Monday that it has received a Prospection Permit by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications of the Republic of Paraguay for the Espartillar block in Paraguay, which cover approximately 2,400,000 hectares in the Piriti-Pilar basin in western Paraguay.
With the passing of time the population went growing and some places lie below certain structures for what it was necessary to carry out an archeological evaluation of the place; and based on this, a multi-disciplinary team accomplished certain scientific activities that represent the electric prospection.
The multi-million-pound study is funded by the new Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology in Vienna and the University of Birmingham and is assisted by the National Trust and English Heritage.