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adjective abeyant, about to be, approaching, arranged, awaited, close at hand, coming, conceivable, considered, destined, earmarked, eventual, expectant, expected, foreseen, forthcoming, future, hoped for, imaginable, immediate, impending, in prospect, in store, in view, intended, likely, looked for, looming, on the horizon, planned, potential, preparing, projected, promised, scheduled, soon to be, soon to happen, subsequent, to be, to come, ultimate, upcoming
Associated concepts: prospective contract, prospective liaailities, prospective relief, prospective rights
Foreign phrases: Nova constitutio futuris formam immonere debet non praeteritis.A new law ought to affect the future, not what is past. Lex prospicit, non respicit. The law looks forward, not backward.
See also: apparent, forthcoming, future, immediate, imminent, pending, presumptive, proximate

LAW, PROSPECTIVE. One which provides for, and regulates the future acts of men, and does not interfere in any way with what has past.

PROSPECTIVE. That which is applicable to the future; it is used in opposition to retrospective. To be just, a law ought always to be prospective. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 116.

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The study included 591 elementary prospective teachers who were enrolled in the different grades of five different education faculties in 2006-2007 semesters.
One way to evaluate strengths and weakanesses at a community is to engage a research firm to regularly measure prospective residents' attitudes and perceptions when visiting communities.
a) The licensee provides reasonable notice to the prospective client or the prospective client's representative that the information will not be treated as confidential information in the event the provider does not become a client, and that providing such information will not preclude the licensee from being employed by a party adverse to the potential client in any current or future legal action or proceeding.
Whether you call them Millenials or NetGeners, today's prospective students just don't buy marketing messages delivered on glossy brochures.
Stone said that prospective buyers should understand that as rising demand materializes into more completed deals, the top vendors of BPO services will be focused on this newly acquired business.
Although there are principles about discourse that university mathematics professors can garner by reading about elementary teachers' classrooms, the fact that university professors teach prospective elementary teachers adds a dimension to the art and science of teaching that merits its own examination.
In fact, in a review of 35 years of articles on turbinate surgery, Clement and White did not find a single prospective study.
The Enhanced CD campaign is designed to provide a valuable, customizable source for prospective recruits seeking more information about life as an Army soldier and marks the first time the U.
is launching a research project this fall to determine how the school can better serve its gay applicants and prospective students.
In many cases, each rental company requires its own independent credit check at a nonrefundable cost of about $25 for each prospective tenant.
In an effort to ameliorate predictably disorganized situations, design professionals and brokers must join together to address a wide range of issues that could help prospective tenants.
Prosecutors, defense attorneys and presiding Judge Dennis Porter questioned about 100 prospective jurors.