prospective buyer

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Equally important to having a well-designed showroom is the professional expertise of a sales agent who would be touring a prospective buyer.
Seller wants to meet prospective buyer first and answer all the questions.
After analyzing the data, I incorporate it into my marketing package, but generally hold off on providing the actual documents to a prospective buyer until after an offer has been made and there is general agreement on the selling price, subject to review of the data.
One prospective buyer was Caribbean Property Group (CPG).
Kuwait's Noor Financial Investment Company has said the proposed sale of its stake in Karachi-based Meezan Bank (KSE: MEBL) had been blocked by Pakistan's central bank, as the prospective buyer had not met its standards for suitability, reports Reuters.
FINDING A BUYER: The next and important step is to find a prospective buyer.
As the city and the prospective buyer work toward finalizing documents, in a show of good faith, the prospective buyer has deposited $25 million dollars into escrow," Glendale's statement read.
Taipei, July 27, 2009 (CENS)--Near 40,000 business staffers of Nan Shan Life Insurance have demanded the prospective buyer of the company to settle their service years before taking over the company, casting a variable on the ongoing fierce bidding contest for the company, according to the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN), sister publication of Taiwan Economic News (TEN).
British entrepreneur Richard Branson's Virgin Group has emerged as a prospective buyer of the Honda Formula One team, Reuters news agency reported Tuesday.
Very highly recommended, The Essential Buyer's Guide: Volkswagen Bus by automotive experts Ken Cservenka and Richard Copping is an invaluable and profusely illustrated reference for any prospective buyer or collector of the Volkswagen Bus line of vehicles.
The second scenario is the same, except the buyout price may be determined by an "amend ed value option" under which the employee can hire a broker to locate a prospective buyer who will offer more than the appraised value.
Under this option, the employee can list the house with a real estate broker to locate a prospective buyer who will offer more than the appraised value.