prospective client

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ANSWER: You can tout the value of your services and educate the prospective client without becoming a fiduciary adviser.
by reinforcing the client's choice of the firm or the employee's understanding of the firm's market position or culture), the primary purpose of advertising is to inform a prospective client of the firm's identity and its services, that is, to position the firm as a top choice.
Some of the opportunities in your pipeline may be real, but they may also be opportunities where your prospective client doesn't have the most compelling reason to change.
If the prospective client is changing CPA firms, request permission to contact the predecessor firm to investigate issues such as the client's consideration of advice provided, integrity, ethics, reasonableness of expectations, experience and qualifications of the staff, and business policies and procedures including cooperation, timing of the engagement, and whether the client pays bills on time.
All we ask is that the prospective client either attend a two-part class I teach at a local university, or come into the office for an appointment.
Well, in the context of life insurance, the Insurance Department has opined that if a prospective client of a licensee selects the charity that would confer an intangible benefit to the prospective client, and acts as an inducement to place insurance through the agent or broker.
A lawyer may not use or reveal information learned in consultation with a prospective client, and may not represent a client with interests materially adverse to the prospective client in the same or substantially related matter if the prospective client disclosed information that could be significantly harmful to her in the matter.
2 except that a portion of such a website will be considered a communication made at the request of a prospective client and therefore exempt from subchapter 4-7 under subdivision (f) of rule 4-7.
In turn, a prospective client will become an "expert" themselves on that particular snippet.
54: Confidential Information Defined, Exception "Confidential information" includes all information obtained by a licensee, in their professional capacity, concerning a client or a prospective client, except that it does not include information obtained from a prospective client who does not subsequently become a client, where all of the following conditions are met:
Birch said the same applies to your Web site, which must make it easy for a prospective client to "buy" what you're selling, whether that means actually purchasing a product or service online or connecting with the ideas and strategies you present.
To those new in business, qualifying the prospective client may be a foreign concept.