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For example, when a prospective client approaches a lawyer asking for help in obtaining a declaration of nullity of marriage, the lawyer must ask: Is the prospective client trapped in what is really a void marriage, in which case he or she must be helped?
An exchange between a lawyer and a prospective client creates confidentiality obligations and conflict of interest issues even if no attorney-client relationship is ultimately formed, and the lawyer is barred from revealing any confidential information to the same extent as if the prospective client had actually been a client.
Once you've created some content for that prospective client, promote it in various forms wherever they spend their time.
([begin strikethrough]10[end strikethrough]/11) affirmatively discloses to the prospective client at the time a referral, match or other connection is made of the location of a bona fide office by city, town or county of the lawyer to whom the referral, match or other connection is being made; and
The SEC staff typically deems an advertisement false or misleading if the advertisement implies or would lead a client or prospective client to infer something about the RIA or its clients' experiences that is not true, and that the client or prospective client would not have inferred had all material facts been disclosed.
ANSWER: You can tout the value of your services and educate the prospective client without becoming a fiduciary adviser.
Atsome point when meeting a prospective client, an advisor should ask that person to imagine their life in perfection and then follow up with Where would you be?
If you type "Re:" in the subject line of an email in an attempt to have your prospective client believe that your email is a follow up to an earlier email in which they had already engaged with you, you are lying.
While advertising can yield collateral benefits with current clients and staff (e.g., by reinforcing the client's choice of the firm or the employee's understanding of the firm's market position or culture), the primary purpose of advertising is to inform a prospective client of the firm's identity and its services, that is, to position the firm as a top choice.
If you are going to book first visits, you need to sound like someone who has the business acumen, experience and ideas that can make a difference in your prospective client's business--in other words, a compelling value proposition for your sales call.
Here's how I try to identify whether our firm is going to be a good fit in the first meeting with a prospective client.

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